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Character Sheet 1.5 (Credit GON)

DYBAD January 20, 2015 User blog:DYBAD
Name: Luna ("Moon") Selforge

Aliases: Silent Speed, Untouchable Princess

Alignment: True Neutral

Occupations: Selforge Citizen, Traveling Companion

Preferences: Lawrence, Fellow Citizens

Likes: Speed, Exploration, True Friends, Lawrence

Dislikes: Pushy people who don't care about others

Motto: "Do the right thing, not what you feel like doing."

Quote: "You gave me hope when I had none. You gave me a place to belong when I was the loneliest of souls. You gave me true companions when the entire world was my ennemy. You gave me strength when I could barely fend for myself. You gave me purpose when I could only survive. You gave me happiness when all I knew was misery. You owed me nothing, and you gave me everything."

Hobbies: Pulling harmless pranks, punishing selfish jerks, accompanying Lawrence in his travels

Original Powers: Supernatural Speed, Supernatural Beauty

Selforge Upgrades: Unnoticeability, Weapon Manipulation

Training: Stealth Tactics, Speed Combat, Dual Wielding

Selforge Essence: Pain Suppression, Self-Restoration, Psionic Shield, Mind Link, Power Augmentation, Planeswalking

Inspirations: Carin Taylor, Laura Kiney

Background: Character Story

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