A group of ten members, The Godhead are the most powerful mages on the planet. They were founded three hundred years ago by the original, and still reigning head and #1 most powerful, Aurelius Aldrich, the man considered to be the God of magic. He's the only founding member still alive, besides Ryuuji Godspell who was kicked out for the murder of a member and practicing dark magic to a dangerous extent. One can only become a member by the Chairman or one of the other respective members letting them join. This does not mean that all members of The Godhead are equal though. Some don't even have to be pure human mages. Currently, since Ryuuji had murdered the 8th through 10th ranked Members in a battle, they only have 7 and are looking for mages at the moment to fill in those three spots.

The Godhead are well known, and don't necessarily try to remain hidden. Their base of operations is located within a building in Solas city that acts as a guise for the real location which is a pocket dimension. Members are chosen for their magical prowess and morals. Though the ladder rule can sometimes have exceptions.

Their job is maintain peace within the world, as they will deploy one of their members if a large scale problem has arisen. Whether it be magical, supernatural, or scientific in nature there is a high chance at least one of them will show up. They also do investigate smaller scale jobs, though these only tend to be magical unlike the global scale events.

The strength of each member is so immense that, the gap between the weakest member to a normal Mage is like comparing a nuclear bomb to a single human being, as stated by Aurelius. To expand onto this, the weakest member attempting to battle Aurelius is comparable to that of someone trying to strike the moon by hitting its reflection on water with a rock. But, despite this Dmitri Nightcroft, the #6, has stated that he is the weakest out of all of them, though this is up for debate. Ex-Member Ryuuji once stated in a battle in which he used a simple clone to fight three members that he could kill every last one of them with little to no effort, except Aurelius who seems to be one of the only people able to get past his unique spell, Story breaker.