Name: Restauro 




Healing Energy Attacks

Healing Energy Manipulation 

Omni Healing

Flawless Restoration

Life-Force Generation

Soul Bound Entity

Healing/Regenerative Empowerment

Restoration Embodiment

Backstory: Restauro is the one of the most powerful healers in existence. His powers enable him to cure any disease, heal any wound, repair any damage, fix any mind, and so on...

Restauro's homeworld was the same as the R-versers and Nex. However, he is not an R-verser himself but rather a being of pure healing energy which is mortally deadly to them. Unlike most beings of death Restauro has a backstory. He was once an R-verser who was obsessed with the end. Unlike normal beings the R-versers only recently discovered that they can die and Restauro was crucial to that discovery. In Restauro's youth he was one out of many to be chosen for The Great Experiment: a "study" in which willing participants are chosen to find out the secret to "ending". The scientists involved however always wanted for the tests to fail as they would rather keep their "endlessness". Unfortunately for the scientists the experiment was successful and Restauro became the R-verser's embodiment of death. Unlike normal embodiments of death he  does not feed on the weak but rather the strongest of the R-versers. That was one of the reason why Nex was   the strongest of his species. What also happened was that Restauro became bound to the souls of every R-verser in existance ready to take their lives if nessessary. Whenever Nex turned into his Reverse God form in his past he risked being killed by Restauro and had avoided using it.

Once Lastius removed Nex of his powers and altered them Restauro's connection to Nex was severed and he was now aware of Lastius. Not even Restauro knows of the next plan Lastius will make but one thing for sure is that he is at the centre of it. Throughout the years Nex and Restauro have battled with Restauro winning most of them but now it appears that Restauro asks for Nex's help because he considered Lastius a "threat to the common balance"


Restauro is like life: Amoral. A very intellectual person who has a keen sense of timing Restauro is a formidable opponent. He has a very different attitude to Nex, being callous and apathic as well as ruthless bordering on sadistic.


"Have you ever heard of the saying Personal Demons? Nex's life was often the opposite of most heroes you hear of. Instead of villians whom we would all consider dangerous Nex's opponents were often personal and isolated. They were enemies who could only harm him and him alone. They were true Nemeses, determined and commited to a fanatic level to defeat and/or kill Nex. Picture having to be followed by the grim reaper every moment of your life. Knowing that at your strongest you could die by his hands at any second. That was Restauro"-Corvum explaining the significance of Restauro to Lucia