Name: Countess Lucia Heller  (God Emporer Timeline) (W.I.P)

Lucia Heller


Dhampir Giant

Dark Stellar Manipulation 

Semi -Immortality

Elemental Armor 

Ambition Empowerment

Ambient Genesis

Backstory: Years after Lastius Cerbex obtained the ultimate power to control both spectrums of power The Armageddon's Eye grew to be a truely unstoppable group, not opposing them was common sense. However, there is one person who believes she could take over the ever growing empire. Countess Lucia Heller is one of those people in history that tries to stop the unstoppable. Born into a "complicated" supernatural family, Lucia was told that the universe was hers to inherit and so she acted upon that belief taking over the throne at the age of 16 and had been preserving the subjects of her world for a few decades. Other empires and factions were never of any concern, until the day the name Armageddons Eye started appearing more then once in reports. She was convinced that once Lastius was captured she could keep him as a trophy to show other empires her "power". Unfortunately, that plan was going about as well as you would expect. So far her empire (Pluto Regime) has not even dented the Armageddon's Eye. Recently, she has been convinced by Nex to fight the Iron Ravens.


Lucia has a sort of superiority/god complex that probably originated from her youth. As for the rest of her personality, it is nearly false charisma as well as a obsession to make her enemies to envy her and not the other way around. Although, she has a selfishness that made some enemies out of people in the past.


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Supernatural Combat

Ever since Nex's powers were taken by Lastius he was left to wander the universe with a new perspective forced on him. He now had to live by a society of power that he thought was terrible. It was the common power-fueled society where the strong are typically rewarded for crushing the weak. In this timeline he knew that context dictated he would not survive long. So Nex joined the Pluto Regime determined to do some sort of good in the universe. However, the Pluto Regime was not exactly filled with "good intentioned people". He even faces an enemy he is not used to: The Silver Warrior: Nosk. That leads the Iron Ravens: a small militarized society that is rising above the competition... and have sinister plans for the universe.