I never thought I would ever have a legitimate reason to write this, but I am perplexed as to why many question the transcendence of omnipotence. Recently, I have seen a blog that proclaimed Unrestricted Wishes is not limited by omnipotence, and I have seen a user state with utmost confidence that Primordial Force Manipulation is greater than omnipotence. I have even observed a user who mentioned that omnipotence is the power to do everything so as a side-effect, it has the weakness of every power and that omnipotence is not a perfect power. Not to mention, Omni-Negation can apparently negate omnipotence from what I heard from an anon. I've also seen a number of potential pages that were allegedly "greater than omnipotence" and I am left wondering what is with people who attempt to decry or berate what was created to be the greatest power of all. If you feel omnipotence is not the most powerful ability, please comment your thoughts on the matter. If you know why people have a loathing or depreciation for omnipotence, please comment to clear up my confusion.

"this power is force that created existance and noexistance everthing and nothing concept itself was born from it how can you not archive greater thenomnipotence with this power"~Anon Contributor

"Manipulation of gods births and all existence.The Manipulation of Omnipotence creation or  the stuff made of Omnipotence .The place that make anything god.The unknown stuff that make the maker or the making of it all.A god made it or it did not make.creator made the creation or the creation made the Creator.The creation made without a creator or the creator was made without being in a creation."~Anon Contributor