Warlord by tamplierpainter-d3bw04a
: Kuonoan Evans

Aliases: Status Kuo, The Thing Aside, The Impartial, Searcher of all Knowledge, The Armored Scholar, The Inquisitive, Embodiment of Neutrality, Supreme Being, The Great Explorer

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Species: Human

Age: 80 Million Years Old

Occupation: Multiversal Explorer

Affiliation: Adam's Group

Powers: Immortality

Abilities: Supernatural Intelligence, Indomitable WillDivinationEnhanced ConditionTactical Analysis, Scientific Prowess, Mechanical Intuition, Mathematical Intuition, Chaotic Vision, and High-Tech Exoskeleton

High-Tech Suit Abilities: Science-Magic Mixture. Supernatural Condition-Advanced Level, Science Combat (Reality Armor, Scanning, Radio Frequency Detection, Aversion Field and Force-Field Generation, Unperceivable Attacks, Cosmological Force Manipulation and Energy Absorption), Enchanted Armor (Abjuration, Summoning, Evocation, Transmutation), Automatic Psychic Feedback and when engaged Psychic Shadow.

Eternity Seat Abilities: Interstellar Travel, Levitation, Tractor Beam Emission, Environmental Field Projection, Projective Omnilingualism, Spatial Force-Field Generation, Temporal Barrier Creation, Temporal Protection and Isolation, Temporal Teleportation, Hyperspace TravelShortcut Access, and Planeswalking

Motto: "I built it."

Quotes: "There are beings that are literally trillions of years old; timeless, vast, detached from whatever sense and reasoning we developed to respond to external stimuli and for races such as us, we would be the bacteria. But there are other beings out there that are wise enough to understand that a malevolent strain of bacteria or ... a virus can corrupt an entire system without even beginning to understanding anything about its own existence except its preservation so if you wish to believe that you are beneath their notice, you would willingly remain incredibly ignorant."

"Father always liked you best, always believed in your greater potential, but after thousands of years, this is where we stand. By their psychological profiling systems, we are both great outliers because we have evolved far beyond feeling concern, but your elaborate machinations have you fettered to a single star system while I am exploring the cosmos. I traveled from star system to star system with Ezekiel collecting information and we finally stop at Earth. I'm allowing you to use this system to aid in our plans for a limited time. If this primitive planet doesn't have the information we need, we will continue our journey."

"The main difference between the traveler and the explorer is that one is making a difference for himself while the explorer is making a difference for the many." 

ArchetypeAlways Second BestBadass BookwormThe ChessmasterCrazy PreparedNo Sense Of Humor or Deadpan SnarkerDeterminatorThe FacelessGadgeteer GeniusHonor Before ReasonInsufferable GeniusMad Mathematician, Manipulative BastardPowered ArmorOmnidisciplinary Scientist.