Commission secret agent man by eponagirl-d6zx8jd
: Alphaeus Cornelius

Codename: Agent Alpha

Power:  Enhanced Condition and Enhanced Combat through Chi AugmentationChi MagicCombat SpecialistDanger Intuition

AbilitiesChild Prodigy, Peak Human ConditionWeapon Proficiency, Alien Weaponry Intuition, Weapon Improvisation, Hacking Intuition, Peak Human Intelligence, Tactical AnalysisXenolingualism

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Quotes: "All humans remain unsatisfied with their ephemeral existence, and it's undeniably evident from how our methods of colonization is juxtaposed with the millions of other species that share our same biosphere. Virtually every other species through invaluable instincts develop this natural equilibrium with the enviromnent, but they bear a rare distinction through our unsatisfaction. Mankind constantly mobilizes to various regions, procreates with unbridled extravagance, and then proceeds to exhaust every natural resource with an illusory regard for other species and the prospects of their own survival in the future. Then the process repeats ad infinitum until the entire planet that accomodated us becomes the mark of mankind's extinction. Fortunately, I have the solution, but it can only be implemented under my rule."

"I've operated technology that the world will probably not even see for many years and there have been many forces in commission that prevents the disclosure of this technology including organizations supported by authorities that I dare not reproach openly. Keep in mind, this doesn't preclude me from engineering actions that will open humanity to accepting me as its final authority."

"There are powers far beyond us that I have had the displeasure of observing, technology that I have trouble comprehending, and probably even a purpose that completely eclipses our rights to existence. There's this constant foreboding premonition that they have tacit claims to this planet not unlike how we claim the lands occupied by the ants that roam the Earth. "



Alphaeus was born in the mid-1920's under the care of an average, caring family located in the fringes of Los Angelas. During this period, Los Angelas was going through a period of extensive modernization that a burgeoning architect like Richard who is Cornelius's father fully took advantage of in his line of work. He has relocated many times in his life and hoped to settle down in one localized region following his son's birth. When the stock market crashed in 1929, many people remained optimistic but it was then that Richard and his wife, Rita who worked in apparel processing, planned to leave the country if any lasting national damage was the event.

In 1933, Elizabeth Learning Center began to recognize how precocious Alphaeus was, but he was most infamous for being a slacker. His grades didn't suffer too heavily as he still appreciated the care his laborious have shown him, and he worked just hard enough to please them. Unfortunately, the school began to make several debillitating budget cuts and he began to see the spiral of instability even in his family life during that hostile time. In time, Richard's fiscal fears were confirmed and he concluded that the family would find a better life through moving oversees to China. Alphaeus's father prepared accordingly years before by accumulating silver through various methods and he thought China would remain largely unaffected since it retained the silver standard monetary system. 

Two years later, Alphaeus quickly learned to speak virtually all dialects of the Chinese language along with other oriental tongues and excelled in academics, his father was content in his field of architectural employment, and Rita pursued the same line of work. Unfortunately, Alphaeus life was not without hardships during the stay. Many of his peers ostracized him and a superpowered miscreants chose to harass him in school due to his moment of weaknesses when he wasn't accustomed to the cultural divergence years ago. It desisted for the most part when he befriended an enigm natureatic but popular kung fu practicioner named Guiren and a reclusive yet accepting clique that was also filled with individuals with superpowers.

A year later, Alphaeus cultivated his interest of kung fu styles through training with Guiren who piqued his interest when he discovered he was a master, and even though his future looked bright, he always had wanted to get closer to the discovery of higher powers. He then decided to leave his family who supported his existential trek and journeyed to the Shaolin Temple in hopes of gaining the insight he desired.

A Great Change

Nine years later, Alphaeus proved to be an astute and perceptive individual earning him the respect of his peers and instructors alike. and through his determination and the discovery of his latent potential, became a master after seven years of joining. He's even been apprised of many well-kept martial arts secrets and the manipulation of fundamental and mystical forces that harmonizes with the physical technique. He has even began to expand on the myriad techniques and styles claiming the title of grandmaster in the process. However, he still retained his passion for academics developing various mathematical postulations and scientific theories from the inside

Unfortunately, during this time, there was a global war that affected even the sequestered temple. Through Alphaeus's leadership, coordination, and tactics, many waves of Japanese Invaders were successfully driven back but their numbers were unceasing and the enemies were relentless. Soon, they overran the temple and coerced the remaining monks and Alphaeus to scatter and relocate. To see his brothers in faith disbanded and separated personally greatly affected his resolve despite his uncovered physical prowess and mental acumen. Learning to achieve an inner peace while at the temple, but feeling as if it could be externalize so societies can understand and collaborate with one another and from then on, he had a new goal in life.

After World War II, a civil war was initiated in China with Chiang Kai Shek's forces against the power of Mao Tse-Tung. While this transpired, Alphaeus underwent a personal project of attempting to retain peace within his region by assembling a powerful group of superhumans to become a law-enforcement agency with the funds he collected during his stay at the Temple. They were a neutral force dedicated to the preservation of peace with many members being highly influential and illustrious business owners and lucrative research subjects making advances in subjects intrinsically related to their powers.

Soon, the civil war dissolved due to Alpheaus's efforts and virtually everyone in China became appreciative of his efforts. Functioning as an informant, researcher, organizer, and even director and leader in the field of espionage, he in time became very wealthy person due to his effectiveness and his willingness to promote order and, above all, peace. In time, he constructed his own personal lab to support his research and fashion his own advancements.

Four years later, Alphaeus has developed many breakthroughs in various fields of science and technology through studying the sources behind the superpowers that a genetic mutation has allowed so many humans manipulate. Through his extensive and comprehensive knowledge, he has invented a universal translator, hard-light shielding, and developed groundbreaking theories on graviton behavior including creating devices that generated artificial and anti-gravity fields. Through various transactions and business ventures, he secured a place as one of the wealthiest people in China at the time and an era of peace was forged.

A Sudden Turn

Unfortunately, it was not to last as a deadly plague targeted the superhuman populace including potential and latent genetic deviants. It became an epidemic in Asia but even through Alphaeus's efforts to present a cure along with other foremost geneticist of the time, it still devastated the organization with over 40% becoming unwitting victims. Shortly after that period of perennial bereavement, the entire neutral law-enforcement league underwent a great schism due to a combination of paranoia and fear, prominent and enticing misanthropic sentiments of revenge due to the epidemic only being contracted by superhumans, reduced sense of hope, and a radical desire for a new world order.

Even when the cure was identified and publicly administered through various methods to completely halt the mobilization of the precipitous and unrelenting virus, it was too late to salvage any remains of the unity that remained in the organization and across the country. The creator of the virus was unknown and would never face his crimes and soon, the flames of the civil war rekindled once more and soon China found itself in an even more desperate state with disorder. That's when Alphaeus desired to escape it all and made plans to return to his country of origin.

Return to Place of Origin

Returning to the United States, he was met with full scholarship opportunities do to his successes and clout in China and attended the California Institute of Technology. During his college life, he quickly became one of the most popular individuals on the campus, but he made one truly close friend named Alistair Callahan, one of the most powerful supers capable of manipulating a foreign extra-dimensional energy that produced weird effects including space-time distortion and transmutation. Alistair used his knowledge of his powers to develop many proofs and theorems in differential geometry and dimensional theory along with making numerous advances in holography and many leaps in interdimensional travel. 

6 years later, Alphaeus graduated magna cum laude earning several degrees in many variegated fields of study. The Cold War already began and he became a high-ranking special agent for the government parting ways but still continually communicating with Alistair who gained employment for NASA. Alphaeus engaged in multiple top-secret missions and was entrusted with the greatest presidential duties. He has even provided the government with adaptive versions of universal translator devices; however, he always downplayed his mystical and secret martial arts so the positions he held in the past were relatively unknown.

10 years later during the middle of the Space Race between the two Cold War rivals, the incumbent president of the time mandated the construction of an interstellar spacecraft that could salvage mankind if the prospective nuclear war came to fruition. This project was christened Project Omega and this was one of the most ambitious and surreptitious undertakings of the time. Alphaeus and Alistair were both directed to work on the project at Edwards Air Force Base on an ultra-top secret clearance devoted to developing the hyperdrive that was to be built incorporating the rich extra-dimensional warp energy that Alistair could provide along with the devices to produce artificial gravity fields and external force fields that Alphaeus designed and included antigravitational propulsion along with cloaking technology. The publicized Space Race was a grand distraction and nobody outside the sphere of influence was to be aware of the covert operation so many of the engineers were isolated for years inside the base including Alphaeus.

2 years later after, the interstellar spacecraft was finally ready to be launched manned by over 300 qualified and trained volunteers preparing for the greatest expedition ever achieved by mankind. The ship was held in an underground base surrounded by a power inhibitor field to negate any interference from supernatural influences like superspeed or shapeshifting and was protected by multiple people from special forces. The send off was a huge event and this is when it suddenly became clear why such a momentous day in history could not be publicized. Not only did the U.S. want to let Russia know it had advanced technology that spies would attempt to steal and replicate, but it was an ambitious $35 billion dollar project that would place members of mankind past the point of no return in an attempt that wasn't even guaranteed. Fortunately, everything proceeded as planned and the launch was initiated with the access port allowing the ship to accelerate into the sky cloaked with noice dampeners.

In a few years, Alphaeus worked as a diplomat for the United States when a group of extraterrestrial diplomats and intergalactic ambassadors landed on Earth to claim prisoners that were the properties of the Gorams. The subject was retrieved prior to the entrance and held in a containment facility for the period awaiting recapture. His adaptable universal translator was enviable during that juncture and through the many exchanges and tentative peace conferences conducted for interspecial amicable relations. Even the greatest heroes had attended including the Captain and the Mayflower along with Alistair who became a member of the superhero league.  One of the major conferences were held on one of the Goram motherships in an isolated air field shielded with a virtually impenetrable forcefield along with misdirected publicity to prevent any unneeded interruptions that included the president of the time, high ranking political officials, extraterrestrial royalty, and a collection of the foremost heroes excluding Alistair who was engaged in a mission that required his abilities. The location was enclosed in the most secured enclave within the ship to formally discuss collaboration between humanity and the Goram's alliance heavily defended by soldiers from all parties in attendance. In the middle of the meeting when everything proceeded uneventfully, the lights began to flicker sporadically and the alarms were momentarily triggered but suddenly ceased blaring leaving behind an absolute silence throughout the room. It became obvious that there was an immiment threat that was attempting an attack, but at the same time, it already appeared to control the internal mechanisms of the ship.

Soon, the lights were shut off completely leaving the only source of illumination the surprisingly bright phosphorescent walls. The doors were locked with everyone completely sealed in expecting the outside guards to allay the confusion. Alphaeus looked around the room scrutinizing the collective assemblage and their aloof disposition but knew everyone was as confounded on the inside as he was especially when he heard the sound of explosions, grunts, screams, and hard collisions in the background. One of the heroes who was an electrokinetic technopath seated across from Alphaeus announced that they were currently in an artificial deadzone and couldn't make any outside contact on any devices while confined to that space and the Captain communicated a plan of attack for the fellow heroes under his leadership in order to protect the president or extraterrestrial royalty on what was concluded to be an assassination.

Before anybody moved, the hatch of the access port flew across the room under the power of a potent energy blast and everybody turned and finally saw the assailant. He wore a dark blue and black powered exoskeleton with armored plating and a slick surface. Immediately everybody within the room fired a blaster, firearm, or projected their powers but his personal force field was completely impenetrable. Consequently, the heroes and government agents mounted an attack but were unsuccessful due to his defenses and the offensive capabilities of the advanced technology he possessed that included manipulating gravity fields and greatly enhanced reflexes and speed. 

During the fight, Alphaeus suddenly heard loud rapid steps in the background in the background and was confident that reinforcements arrived. While their lone enemy was distracted apparently attempting to figure out how to adjust his offense to both fronts, the electrokinetic fired a devastating arc of lightning that successfully penetrated his shields and fried his armor in time for Alphaeus to attach a gravimetric immobilization device before he could escape. Unfortunately, he was caught in an energy field the enemy was apparently using to teleport and was shifted to a reality that was almost completely alien in appearance compared to the world he knew.

He scrutinized and analyzed his surroundings and was confounded by what he saw. A surreal blue-teal fire ravaged the land around them, rivers replete with lava freely flowed, the sky was a cloudy with a noxious shade of red and the ground was cracked and coarse completely devoid of moisture. The few buildings or public services that could be spotted were damaged beyond recognition and the entire enviromnent looked as if it was a dreamlike nuclear aftermath. Taking his first agonizing breath inhaling the sulfur and brimstone, he finally adjusted and realized he was in what could be described as hell.

Alphaeus looked beside him and could see that his aggressor was incapacitated presumably from the energy drain of his escape. He consequently sensed some activity in the area and was alarmed to see the fire around him began to shape into a humanoid figure and soon he found himself surrounded on all sides by an army of flaming twilight demon creatures. There didn't seem to be any escape as far as he could see; however, the demons did not move to attack and seemed to be waiting for something to manifest. A wormhole materialized in front of the legions and the entire army bowed on one knee when a horned teal-skinned figure emerged and formally introduced himself as Mephisto.