Achilles concept art by martanael-d3vjqmf
: Jack Faust

Alias: The Avenger, The Anarchist, Vigilance, Cryostasis, Granter of Immortality, The Masked Murderer, Cold Killer, The Great Illusion

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Species: Altered

Age: 14

Occupation: Leader of The Aletheian Society, Avatar of Leviathan

Affiliation: The Aletheian Society, Leviathan

Powers: Psychosomatic Illusion Physiology (Illusive AppearanceContaminant and Disease ImmunityIntangibility and Cryo-Phasing, ImmortalityIce Mimicry, Freezing, Ice Aura, Cryostasis and Frostbite (Through Touch). Atmospheric Freezing (When In A Cold Environment), Mind Link (With Leviathan), and Memory Reading (Through Touch)

Abilities: Tactical Analysis, Photographic DeductionPeak Human Intelligence, Tracking Evasion, Enhanced Condition

Motto: "You're only fighting a convincing illusion."

Quotes: "I've formed the Aletheian Society to become a terrorist. A terrorist who utilizes fear to coerce a corrupt government, subversive mega corporations, and other powerful entities from infringing upon the personal liberties of the average citizen. So yes, and I will repeat myself, I am a terrorist willing to endanger thousands to ensure the freedom of millions so forgive me when I ruin the career of a senator or two, assassinate the occassional unscrupulous CEO, and attempt to topple the regime of unethical companies like Morgenstern Insurance and Stockton Technologies. It's not personal at all, it is what's right and that's the best justification I can provide. So decreesd Leviathan."

"You want to know who I work for; who Leviathan truly is. Well, good news for you, apparently he is not pleased that you view him as someone so low as to require the services of someone like me to get his will done. Leviathan isn't my client; he is my father, my creator, why I exist to right the evils of this godforsaken world. I was only a figment of his imagination and he freed me from nonexistence to evolve and become part of your reality. His powers are absolute and his will is ironclad, and it was he who granted me command over the cold giving me control over life itself. I have been given the authority to make it as excrutiating as possible or even grant you immortality so Leviathan can claim you for as long as he needs... don't look at me that way, it's our mercy for their corrupt deeds. They will be completely thawed out when we believe they are suited to enter society again."

"This mask symbolizes how detached I am from your oppressive systems that people feel the need to protect because they are either hopelessly dependent on it or they are the ones who engineered and control it. I am one of the few who are removed and I am the one that will haunt it until it dies. That is the will of Leviathan."