Mutant marauders by ricochet188-d4d8v7z
: Novus Prime

Alias: Beast, Mutant, The Thing, Experiment #0, Leviathan, The Unknown, Master of the Infected

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Species: Mutate

Age: 9

Occupation: Military Research Subject, Uncontained Anomaly

Affiliation: Military Research, Mutants

Powers: Mutation Inducement through Touch (Completion of Mutation Depends on Length of Contact), Anti-Psychic Presence (Automatically Transferred through Mutations), Shared Conscious with the Infected, DNA Vision

Abilities: Hypercognition and Processing, Enhanced MemoryNano-Active BloodSupernatural Condition-Expert Level (Incredibly Dense Tissue and Great Strength), Telomere Regeneration (Regenerative Healing Factor-Advanced Level)

Powers of the Infected: Genetic Mutation, Enhanced Condition, Contaminant Immunity, Shared Conscious with the Infected, Self-Spawn via Touch, Anti-Psychic Presence, DNA Vision, and Organic Weapons

Motto: "I Am Evolution!"

Quotes: "Mankind had its chance. This planet was your inheritance, and you have sullied it without ceasing. When I was in my test tube, I listened attentively awaiting the opportunity to escape, to have my revenge against you scum. I analyzed your psychological profiles, assimilated your language, feigned ignorance for years and gave you a false sense of security, but you ... torture ... kill ... mutilate in the name of gaining knowledge though your experiments. Now I want you to see what it is like to be the victim. I am free."

"I have seen the future; a future where man continued to thrive and dominate his environment, but too weak when it really counted. When threats that are not of this world emerge, you will not be ready for you starved yourselves of your own evolution. I do not hide behind politics, I do not manipulate, I refuse to misdirect, and that is why I am the best choice to establish the new order. I will not be corrupted for I am without worldly sentiments, I have no selfish desire, so I am the best choice to rule. This new order will be more unified, capable of battling the oncoming threat when it arrives."

"Several small towns have been converted and we shall grow and spread until mankind realizes that it failed. It failed this planet, it failed natural selection, and most of all, it failed itself. This war will be over soon and the infected shall arise while I am the index case.