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Name: Outis

Alias: The Agents of the Unknown, The Faceless, The Boogeyman, Assassins of Adam

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Species: Human

Age: 73

Occupation: Assassin, Drones

Affiliation: Adam's Group, Outis

Powers: Undead Physiology, Supernatural Regeneration, Toxikinetic Combat, Audible Inundation, Psychic Communication, and Alien Mind.

Abilities: Enhanced Assassination and Hunting, Stealth TacticsEnhanced Condition, Enhanced Combat, Blindsight, and Sonography

Motto and Creed: "We are silence, we are the dark, your time has come if you're our mark, "

Quotes: "We slumber in Earth, but rise on occasion. Resurrected through a mystical ring to execute a task. We have no recollection of our past lives. We are genetically engineered to perform the most demanding assassinations without any remorse. We have been called the boogeyman, the faceless, the unknown, but you have deserved the right to call us 'Outis'. We have no identity, just a purpose and that's how we prefer it to be."

"When you are our target, you will never be free. You will always be hunted until you can join us when you take your nap deep under. The voices in your head is our hold on your psychological stability. You have already lost and now it's up to you to realize it and make it easier for all of us."

"We bear no malice, no motivation, no goals; we only have obedience to our master."