: Markus Alcaeus Winchester

Aliases: Agent Zoroaster, The Chrono-Assassin, Bane of the Imperium, Anathema of the Chrono-Walker

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Powers: Powers via Neural Implant (Temporal Displacement, Temporal Awareness, Teleportation, Future-Probability Cognition, Locality Tracking, Semi-Immortality)

Powers via Bioengineering (Accelerated Perception and Probability, Numerical Precision, Regenerative Healing Factor, Psioplasmic Field Generation, Energy Absorption, and Attacks.

Powers via Devices (Invisibility and Space-Time Trackers)

Abilities: Enhanced Intelligence and Memory, Enhanced Combat and Marksmanship, Enhanced Assassinations and Surveillance, Enhanced Interrogation and Investigation, and Indomitable Will.

Gadget Usage: Singularity Rifle, Gauss Pistol, Anti-Matter Grenades, etc.

Motto: "Let us fan the flames of revolution and may they burn the terrible future in front of us."

Quotes: "I am one of the authorities in a resistance to topple a tyrannical regime with a mad man that believes he is destined to rule. One rule about overreaching governments such as this is that they all collapse one day, but I'm going to go the extra step and ensure it never happens. Sure I may lose most of the people I've come to cherish as my brothers over the years, but this is a time that they don't deserve to be living in. This is a future that was not supposed to happen."

"How is Viktor Freeman still alive? I tthought his spatial-temporal presence would be completely expunged, but yet, he still remains. I will turn every pebble, search the universe, and move the heavens themselves to rid myself of this despot once and for all."

"Before all of this, I was a simple man who believed that our future was set in stone. Now that I have seen just how deep the rabbit hole is, I now know I can change the world for the better. I was chosen to uplift humanity by setting us free."