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: Catherine Lea (Real Name: Unknown)

Alias: Secretary Lea, Cancer of the Zodiac, The Lady Of Stockton Technologies, The Master Planner

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Species: Altered

Age: 56

Occupation: Secretary of Stockton Technologies, The Coordinator of Operations, The Mole

Affiliation: Stockton Technologies, Court of Ouroboros 

Powers: Radiation Manipulation (Radiolysis, EMP, Suicidal Nuclear Self-Detonation, Radiation Immunity, Cancer Inducement along with Anti-Healing Factor)

Non-Radioactive Beams, Energy Absorption

Abilities: Supernatural Condition-Basic Level, Peak Human Intelligence, Business Intuition, Strategic Mind

Motto: "Timing is everything."

Quotes"How I gained my abilities is a mystery I will probably never know. When Richard Stockton studied me and informed me of the nanites in my brain that were programmed to control me and deactivated them, that's when I found out I was created to be a weapon. I work hard constantly to find out who did this to me, but for now, Richard's son will take the high seat of Stockton Technologies and I will be the one to secure the legend of this company."

"Sylvester Stockton, you are my superior, and you have my full respect, but please remember that I am one of the big players in your research department. I'm the one who has manufactured strains of viruses and bacteria capable of decimating entire populations, engineered an efficient method for our classified research to remain off the grid and buried virtually every trail that could possibly lead to our involvement in any of the events we would normally be entangled with. Not to mention that I am ensuring your legal protection where your finances will not be sufficient. We need to expand your business rather than trying to brute force your A.I. online when the government will oppose you at every turn. PROMETHIUS is already the backbone of our company so expansion will also expand it."

"Do you realize how difficult it can be to protect our assets. Almost anytime we are threatened, I meet with our competitors to discuss terms, conditions, shares, stock, among other thing and during that time, I dial up the rad within the room a bit and after a while, they contract cancer while I have picked apart their knowledge. Is it good and honorable? Not at all, but you do not become one of the most powerful businesses in the United States by being good and honorable. How do you think witnesses were sidelined, conspirators were permanently shut down, even a senator or two paid the price. I have no regrets and the only reason you know is because you're about to go six feet under and I'll attend your funeral with my condolences and a box of tissues."