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: Herschel Kierkegaard

Alias: The Law of the Order, Control, The Philosopher, The Administrator of the Shadows, The One Who Pulls Strings

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Species: Human

Age: 54

Occupation: Assassin, Manipulator of Events, The Watcher, The Preserver of the Conspiracy

Affiliation: Overmind, Adam's Group

Powers: Enhanced Condition, Focused based Perception Filter, Teleportation, Basic Telepathy (Telepathic Relay, Telepathic Hijacking, Telepathic Prediction, Psychic Inhibitors, Memory Overwrite, Psychic Shield), Amateur User of the Magic Arts (Limited Power Bestowal, Astral ProjectionForce Field Generation, Basic TelekinesisDream Walking and Communication, and Sleep Inducement).

Abilities: Social Cloaking, Stealth Tactics. Enhanced Unarmed Combat, Tactical Analysis, Hypercompetence, Psychological Intuition, and Photographic Deduction.

Motto: "The Order emerges out of Disarray."

Quotes: "We are The Order. An organization of elites focused on upholding the masquerade. We fly under the radar, we fulfill our mission effectively, and we leave without a trace. Our general objectives may change, but our precision will never depreciate."

"According to Adam, the second party we serve is the Overmind, but his existence is a complete mystery. All I can ever get to understand his intentions is a slip of paper highlighting the mission requirements and the caution we must take or a clear voice on the phone. The thought of how he can never show his face will forever elude me, but it will never give me pause. It's only the order that matters."

"Our perception filters are the result of mystic augmentations that aid us in fulfilling our mission discretely and our capability to override memories has been our way to contain the chaos, but they also give us our identity. We hide within the chaos, we are the architect of all great things, we uphold the masquerade, and we maintain the order."

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