Name: Overmind

Aliases: Mind Walker, Collective Conscious, The Great Intelligence, The Mind Over All, William Rayleigh, The Amalgamation Of The Greatest Psychics, The Culmination of Psionics and Technology

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Species: Psionic Entity

Age: 126

Occupation: Mastermind of Events, Reader of Minds

Affiliations: Adam's Group, Court of Ouroboros, Legion, The Order

Powers: Read/Sense Every Mind on the Planet, Able to Speak with Ravendell across the Planet, Collective Psychic Entity Physiology, (Psychic ShieldPsionic DetectionPsychic NavigationAble to Scry its Agents, Psychic Force-Field Generation, Psychic Wave ManipulationPsychic Energy Absorption When at close Range, Separates Victim's Soul From Their Body and Forces It To Merge With ItDimensional Vision and AwarenessMind Linked to Ezekiel and Ravendell, and Psychic Levitation

Abilities: Disembodied Super-Intelligence, Panmnesia,  Parallel Processing, HypercognitionMastermind.

The Overmind Only Speaks Through Ezekiel And Ravendell

Motto: Ravendell: "It is done."

Quotes: Ravendell: "I used to be a psionic mortal like you in service to Director Evans. I founded Legion, I am the catalyst behind most things great, and throughout the decades, I have acquired the minds of the greatest psychics of this world and through my mental transcendence and Adam's modifications, I have been rebirthed into the greatest psionic on Earth. There is nothing that I do not know for I have sensed every thought around this planet and there is no way I can be tracked because Ravendell has casted a spell that makes me virtually nonexistent to everyone that I do not wish to know my existence, my mind is continually linked to all minds through the astral realm making me untraceable, and I have increased the number of psychics around the world pushing my presence into the background."

Ravendell: "The purpose of Legion as of now is to really enable me to identify and isolate whoever might be a threat to my plans. They are my scapegoat, but anybody who are able to defeat them will be dealt with swiftly by my agents for they are too dangerous to live."

Ravendell: "Throughout the decades, I have capitalized on the potential of Psionics everywhere to make me stronger. In due time, I will evolve to the point where I can discard this metal cage that has been created to hold my existence in place. Despite everything, Adam and I have ensured that our plans will not conflict and we will continue to build a better world. For our deal, anytime a large scale extra-terrestrial event or a supernatural calamity of great importance threatens to shake the foundations of what we have engineered, I will have dispatched agents to ensure that the sightings will be isolated to that place. We can both agree that the world is not ready."

ArchetypesThe ChessmasterThe World Is Not Ready