Government of felony by laura csajagi-d5dn6i3
: Omega Kingston

Aliases: The Supervisor, The Witness, Chronomaster, The Seers, The Presence, The Lost.

Alignment: True Neutral

Species: Enhanced Human Clones

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Experiment #626, The Watcher of Realities

Affiliation: The Witness

Powers: Cloned Experiment, Powers via Neural Implant (Temporal Displacement, Temporal AwarenessTeleportationFuture-Probability Cognition, Semi-Immortality)

Abilities: Enhanced Intelligence, Panmnesia, Apathy, Pain Suppression.

Motto: "Everything dies in the end."

Quotes: "My origin is none of your concern, but you need to learn our purpose. It all started many millennia ago in my original reality where a civilization on the forefront of technology manufactured a batch of clones genetically engineered to sacrifice emotions in favor of intelligence. After that, temporal mechanics became the next frontier and that group of clones were selected to be the test subjects of an experiment to validate time travel in the practical sense since microcosmic time dilation has been mastered. They inserted neural implants into their craniums which activated the centers that initialized supernatural abilities and tuned it to space-time manipulation, and to their great misfortune, they were successful. I was one of those clones, essentially an experiment that reduced me to a dedicated soul ensuring that any reality that isn't ready doesn't discover those secrets."

"Do you understand why time travel is so difficult to master? Do you understand how the calculus of reality works? We only live to observe and witness and through our extended lives, we see that reality is merely an elaborate collection of probabilities constantly fluctuating and indeterministic flowing more like torrential rapids rather than a smooth river that your linear sense of time comforts you from experiencing. With every step across time, it's invariably a step into a different reality. That's why we modified the implants to calculate temporal probabilities and an awareness of space-time anomalies. It's our defense against the rapids through narrowing the path to stay as close to the reality we desire as possible."

"After eons upon eons, you finally announced that everything was all just one extensive, carefully planned machination from the beginning. My native reality never had a chance because it was all destroyed by us... and by destroyed, you understand it was smotherred under layers and layers of infinitesimal probabilities. It was your way of gaining the manpower to maintain the basic state of reality through unwitting parties so you wouldn't be traced by the higher entities."

Archetypes: Neural ImplantingCreepy MonotoneNon-Linear CharacterTranshuman AliensThe Watcher