Lost underground civilization by scottr5680-d6s2pmy
Name: Simon Ledger

Alias: Legion, The Collective, Master of the Mind, The Protector, Masters of Mechanics.

Alignment: True Neutral

Species: Enhanced Humans

Age: 36, but varies between agents

Occupation: Security, Assimilation

Affiliation: Adam's Group

Powers When Together (Legion): Telepathy-Master Level (Hive Mind through Controlled Mass Consciousness, Psychic CommunicationPsychic Falsification, Psionic Intuition, Psychic Inhibitors, Telepathic Hijacking, Psychic NavigationPsychosomatic Illusion, Pushing, Consciousness ShatteringPrecise Telekinetic Blast and Telekinetic Grip.

Powers Of Separated Agent (Out of Range): Basic Telepathy, Link with Legion

Abilities: Enhanced Intelligence, Parallel ProcessingMechanical Intuition, Darkness Adaptation.

Motto: "We Live. We Learn. We Protect. We Serve."

"We are a collective consciousness established in the late 18th century by Adam Evans. We have been designated the task of protecting every asset that requires the utmost protection from outsiders through psionic misdirection. Our founding member is currently dead, but what we symbolize will continue to progress. And now we guard the core of the most powerful computer on the planet, and we will gain far greater task in the future. With just a touch, you can mentally conform and become like us in service of a greater purpose, or you will continue to travel through life blindly."

"We are legion, the protectors, the maintainers, the culmination of the old, the precursors of the new. If you assail us, you will be forced to conform."

"We are one yet we are many. We conform but we are free. We know all yet know so little. We live in darkness, but we elicit the light."

ArchetypesHive MindI Am LegionVoice of the LegionCreepy Monotone (As an agent), Gadgeteer GeniusPsychic Powers,