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True Form

: Charles Bishop

Alias: Revelation, The Great Gospel, Servant of The Harbinger of Madness, The Dawn of a New Age.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Species: Human/Eldritch Abomination

Age: 384

Occupation: Any low level job that suits his purpose

Affiliation: Lotus Group, Himself

Powers: Vessel for a Fraction of the Eldritch Entity (Chaotic Vision, Social Cloaking, Immortality, Cosmic Awareness)

Abilities: Psychological Intuition, Chess Grandmaster, Alien Mind.

Powers of Eldritch Entity: Soul Absorption, Insanity InducementWarping Presence and Breakdown of The Universe Given Time.

Motto: "Not my will, but your will be done."

Quotes: "I was once a blithe idealist who believed in the future of mankind, but I've seen the absolute truth that the existence of our species has been fated for the great cessation. So I ask you, would you fear the wrath of man who can kill you in the natural, or would you fear the wrath of the god that controls your soul?"

"I engineered the establishment of the Lotus Group for three reasons: they are completely unfettered, loyal, and unified with the objective of expanding their power and influence. It was I that corrupted Daniel Khan long ago to see as I see and to be my scapegoat; it was I who gave Rowan Hughes the challenge of stealing the Key of Eternity from the Alpha Centauri system to place this humble planet under the center of suspicion; it was I who ensured that Pierce's oneiric relay network could be tainted, and now comes the purge and why do I tell you this? Because there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it."

"Everything will come together if you see that the premise of his plans relies on removing a potential cosmic game piece that is currently humanity. The purge is only the beginning. After everything is done and his authority is unchallenged, he reveals his true form and rampages the Earth and threaten all that exists. If he succeeds, our time is finished. If he fails, those not of this world will deem us unfit to continue."

ArchetypesGo Mad from the RevelationThe CorrupterXanatos GambitYou Can't Fight FateThe Man Behind the ManDemonic PossessionEldritch Abomination.