Generic sci fi the pilot by jeffsimpsonkh
Name: Astara Stratton

Alias: The Ambassador of Veldonia, The Diplomat, Starlight, A Stunner.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Species: Altered

Age: 26

Occupation: Ambassador, Dignitary, Spy (formerly)

Affiliation: Veldonia

Powers: Limited Astral Projection (Time Travel (Able To Travel Approximately 24 Hours Into The Future), See Brief Glimpses 24 Hours Into The Past, Astral Trapping, Astral Vision)

Abilities: Peak Human Condition, Enhanced Gunmanship.

Motto: "Here we go."

Quotes: "At first I was your average spy who committed a few assassinations, but when the egghead assumed the throne and the country went through a massive overhaul, I was handpicked to be a diplomat. I was supposed to avoid the sight of the people I target, but now I am the first face they see. Here we go... "

"When I sit down and meditate, I release my consciousness and I see a new world that is open to me with a diverse plethora of creatures that are so hideous that they would thank me for placing a .45 cal between where ever their eyes should be. Woops, time to relax."

"For the interest of both of our nations, if we cultivate peaceful opportunities while you reduce passive-aggressive tactics, we can ensure a longer lasting period of amicable relations that will benefit the people of our respective nations as a whole. While we are here though, I am obligated to mention that this is all just déjà vu to me so I'll tell you what to expect right now. You will likely initiate the attack, but be warned that we will fire back and you better hit us hard the first time because when we retaliate, it will mark your end. And for curiosity sake, are you moving forward with using that secret weapon that is definitely not so secret anymore?

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