Master thief s prize by grb76-d39ehxi
: Rowan Hughes

Aliases: The Phantom, Magician, The Black Bandit. The Artist

Powers: Science Attuned Physiology-Nano-Active Blood (Semi-Immortality, Healing Factor-Expert Level, Enhanced Condition), Gadget Usage

Abilities: Enhanced Thievery

Gadget Abilities Teleportation Device-Basic, Force Field Generator, Automatic Psychic Misdirection Modulator, Electronic Disruptor

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Neutral Evil

Species: Human

Age: 782

Occupation: Thief

Affiliation: The Lotus Group

Motto: "You really should secure this better."

Quotes: "My profession is a very technical and demanding field with many risks attached so, despite common perception, I deserve the compensation that I receive. I may work for the Lotus Group but don't you dare call me a petty thug."

"Ever since the 17th century, I stare at my reflection thinking about my life ... and yes, I said the 17th century though some portions of it I cannot recall. But I do know that ever since I was a child, I had to steal food so small concession stands were my target, then loose change and maybe a time piece or two from the trench coat or a bracelet from the wrists, not long after that came the big scores like jewelry and other grand valuables and at this point, I see that thievery is my life and I am destined to do it for eternity."

"Alright, funny story. So I was walking home after this big payday and I hear the text tone and here I am stupidly thinking it's the police but then I realize that my getaway was planned and executed far too precisely for me to even leave any tracks so I pick it up, see I have a text from 'Anonymous'. It told me to retrieve some tools from a warehouse and gave me coordinates. I saw it as a challenge and found the place at the docks and, lo and behold, the greatest tools of thievery were at my disposal. Mr. 'Anonymous' continually texted me with steps to rob this incredibly ultra-secure bank ... in the Alpha Centauri System! Long story short, I have this key and I've been told to give this to you... and I can keep these flashy tools."

Archetypes: Phantom ThiefAffably EvilAnti-VillainStreet SmartStreet UrchinHidden Heart Of GoldCombat PragmatistChallenge SeekerEven Evil Has Standards