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Name: Sebastian von Stein

Alias: The Innovator, The One Man Industrial Revolution, The Sign Of Our Times, The Great Futurist, Solver Of Immortality

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Powers: Automaton Physiology, Supernatural Condition-Expert LevelPsionic Drain, Telepathy-Advanced Level (Telepathic Relay, Thought Manipulation, Remote Telepathy, Psychic Communication, Memory Manipulation, Telepathic Hijacking), Telekinesis-Basic Level.

Abilities: Enhanced Intelligence, Mechanical Intuition, Scanner Vision, Accelerated Perception, Computer Operation Intuition

Species: Android

Age: 18

Occupation: The Inventor, The Chief in Research and Development, Psionic Vampire

Affiliation: Stockton Technologies

Alignement: Lawful Evil

Motto: "It's a new world."

Quotes: "I realized long ago that I was an android programmed by my dying creator to continue his research into the applications of psionic energy and its public use for mankind as a whole. Ever since his death, it has always been my goal to reconcile his research with my acquisition of psionic energy. I could usher in the new age of mankind and make Stockton Technologies the corporate giant it was always meant to be."

"How could I miss the detail that I wasn't the first robot to be constructed? Ever since the 80's, the real Sebastian von Stein created an android to take its place which created another and then another continually expanding the storage potential of psychic energy within each iteration as technology advanced. I was planned from the beginning to be nothing more than a leech for an end I cannot imagine."

"Ever since the creation of Promethius, I have finally gained perspective. I now realized I was meant to merge with that A.I. and become the precipice for humankind's ascension. I will continue to strip psychic beings of the powers they do not deserve while furthering mine own to give it a body worth assuming control with. Your death will play a part in shaping the new world."

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