Name: David Stern

Aliases: The Mystery, Power Incarnate, The Hands Of God, The Guy In A Suit.

Powers: Phenomenon Inducement (Reality Violation, Quantum Immortality, Life and Death Duality, Supernatural Condition (Master Level),  Psionic Manipulation, TeleportationCreation, Destruction, Transmutation, General Chaos Inducement, etc.)

Abilities: Undying Loyalty, Alien Mind.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Species: Transcendent Altered

Age: 94

Occupation: Security, Software Engineer

Affiliation: Stockton Technologies, Veldonia

Motto: "What is impossible?"

Quotes: "I value my privacy, Mr. Stockton, and there are details of my life that I wouldn't have you be aware of. I fully understand that my gifts can uplift humanity, but unfortunately if you want me to work for you, I cannot permit you to study me nor my abilities."

"The last time I was able to make full use of my abilities is when I turned an isolated part of the world into the hallmark of mysteries. That place is now called the Bermuda Triangle."

"I know you want me to watch over your son, to be his guiding hand as he inherits the business that you have established from the ground up, regularly update you on his successes or failures, but he doesn't understand the secrets we had to hide, the deaths we had to cover up, and as far as I know, the concept of the greater good. If you feel he is ready, then I cannot challenge your authority, but please give it more thought before you go."

ArchetypesAffably EvilCreepy MonotoneBattle Butler, Badass In A Nice Suit, Reality WarperThe DragonStraight ManEnigmatic MinionPunch Clock VillainScrew The Rules, I'm Doing What Is Right at times,