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Name: Tatsu Yamamoto

Aliases: The Dragon, Grandmaster, Fire of the Phoenix, The Second in Command.

Powers: Heightened SensesPyrokinetic Combat, Supernatural Condition (Basic Level).

Abilities: Chi Augmentation, Enhanced Combat, Business Intuition, Enhanced Assassination, Enhanced Tracking, Enhanced Gunmanship

Species: Altered

Age: 42

Occupation: Assassin, Spy, Business Owner

Affiliation: Phenix

Motto: "We are just a business."

Quotes: "We have one rule here at the Enclave. Do not conduct your business here or we will see to it that you will have your membership permanently revoked. But enjoy your stay and feel free to partake in the lobster bisque; I have been informed personally that it is exquisite."

"The Enclave is a chain of hotels distributed throughout major cities around the world and every arrangement and piece of outside information gets reported to me through a secure line. We value the patronage of the professionals that frequent these establishments and are obligated to ensure their comfort; however, we still foster the safety of several underground organizations and assassins that could potentially be compromised which would make us the liability in the future.

"Ms. Groves, our plan has been met with great success. Rumors pertaining to Phenix circulates freely around the patrons in the Enclave which has increased recruitment several fold without the need of a single advertisement."

Archetypes:: Affably EvilBad Guy HotelConsummate ProfessionalDeadpan SnarkerNoble DemonPlaying With FireHyper Awareness.