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Name: Joseph Pierce

Alias: The Warden, The Draconian, Sadist, Pain.

Powers: Dream Walking, Dream Imprisonment, Dreamstate Imprinting, Reality Discernment

Abilities: Psychological Intuition

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Species: Altered

Age: 32

Occupation: The Warden of Malenovia Penitentiary, The Mole, Information Distributor

Affiliation: The Malenovia Police Force, The Lotus Group

Motto: "My time is a terrible thing to waste."

Quotes: "John Newton has successfully been removed from his position and I am his substitute, I have established the oneiric relays to broadcast your plans, and I convinced the board to approve of the budget funding to truly make this penitentiary impregnable to greater ensure your protection. The Lotus has emerged from the depths of murky water and will blossom in due time, Mr. Khan."

"You know what makes me so dangerous? The fact that you regularly sleep eight hours a day and I can make it last for an eternity under my terms. And that is not a threat, it's a promise."

"Sweet Dreams."

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