Dark mage by forge t-d4wl9c3

Name: Victor Lowell

Aliases: Scourge, The Leader of the Lotus, The Boss, The Hunger, Parasite, The Leech, The Darkness, Death.

Powers: Powers Via Onyx Crystal (Energy Drain, Energy Wave Emission, Energized Body which grants Supernatural Condition (Enhanced Level), Semi-Immortality, Energy Detection), Psychic Shield via circuitry within mask.

Abilities: Tactical AnalysisCriminology Intuition, Indomitable Will

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Species: Human

Age: 37

Occupation: Gang Leader, The Enforcer

Affiliation: The Lotus Group

Motto: "Wither into dust."

Quotes: "A lotus represents divine beauty and purity of mind, body, and spirit, clean and elegant, gracious and majestic. But if you read your mythology, you would see an oblivious race of old who fell into deep slumber when they depleted themselves of energy partaking in the fruits and flowers of the greatest source of food on the land. Now I ask you again, who better to represent the lotus than I?

"The forests falls, the ecosystem shudders, the very air thins, for life despairs that opposes the rise of the Lotus."

"I am not a scapel, I am the blunt instrument that strikes fear into the very heroes that invariably, to their great misfortune, makes me their adversary."

ArchetypesCool Mask, The ChessmasterThe DreadedEnergy AbsorptionNoble Top EnforcerPragmatic VillainyUndying LoyaltyWicked Cultured