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Name: Ariel Groves

Aliases: The Azure Assassin, Enchantress, The Immortal, Lving Death, Demon, Dominatrix, Master of Murder, Raiel Arias, Samantha Smith

Powers: Object Immortality; via Elixir of Methuselah

Abilities: Tactical Analysis, Peak Human Conditioning, Psychological Intuition, Combat SpecialistShatterpoint, Enhanced Assassination, Concealed Weapon Proficiency, and Enhanced Marksmanship

Alignment: Lawful Evil/Neutral

Species: Human

Age: 124

Occupation: Assassin, Mercenary, Spy, Leader of Phenix

Affiliation: Phenix, Adam's Group

Motto: "Everything has a flaw."

Quotes: "We are Phenix, an international organization of criminals, mercenaries, assassins, thieves, and others of our ilk who have have banded together under one ideal; freedom. Freedom to make what we want of our lives without fear of reprisal from the New World Order and if our fire is extinguished, we shall rise from the ashes and take our place as the catalyst of emancipation."

"For now, we will be renown as a cult with connections, but in a few years, people will remember us as heroes and champions of the greater good."

"We are currently several thousand members strong and growing exponentially every year. In the aftermath, we'll have all the pieces in place, Director Evans."

ArchetypesAffably Evil, Badass NormalMole In ChargeCombat PragmatistCrazy PreparedImmortality SeekerFountain of YouthWicked CulturedAssassin (leads a group of them). Well-Intentioned ExtremistManipulative Bastard