Live sketch prisoner by leventep-d5retgg
: Daniel Khan

Aliases: The Big Boss, Father, The Patriarch, Mastermind,  The Immortal, The Psychotic Scholar, The One Who Knows Too Much, The Futurist, The Progression of Organized Crime, The Vault.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Species: Human

Age: 91 Years Old

Occupation: Prisoner #87, Mob Boss

Affiliation: Lotus Group, Adam's Group

Powers: Semi-Immortality

Abilities: Enhanced IntelligenceEnhanced Memory, ChessmasterMathematical Intuition, Mystery Solving, Photographic Deduction, Pattern SenseChaotic Vision, Numeromancy

Motto: "We're all pawns in the end."

Quotes: "I shouldn't even exist, but I am still alive. I know secrets that are even beyond the clearances of your very government, but I am still speaking. What should scare you the most is that 'they' know I told you those few words and now you're on their kill list. I'm already serving my sentence, but you're not immortal ... and certainly expendable. I suggest you disappear."

"I've been reduced to a deluded, poor individual arguing with hallucinations and even mine own shadow, but that doesn't mean that moments of insight are completely alien to me. Right now, you see a decrepit old fool while you should be seeing the guy who molded you from birth to work as my active figurehead."

"Sometimes I ask when it will all be over, but then I realize that god is a psychopath."

ArchetypesThe Ageless, All According To PlanAffably Evil, Might As Well Not Be In Prison At AllThe ChessmasterClock King, Diabolical MastermindMad MathematicianMask Of SanityHidden VillainLesser of Two Evils, Photographic MemoryProperly ParanoidSmart People Play ChessGambit Roulette

Occupation: True leader of the Lotus Group, Prisoner of the Melanovia Penitentiary