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Name: Supreme Directorate Cassius Blaire

Aliases: Remolder of Reality, The Hollow, Figment of the Imagination, Instrument of Oppression, A Symbolic Figurehead, God of Creation and Destruction, Alpha and Omega, Infinity and Eternity, The Sun and the Moon, The Watchful Eye that never closes, The Supreme Being, Grand Master of Order, Protector of the People

PowersOmega PhysiologyDimensional Entity PhysiologyNon-Corporeal FormNonexistent PhysiologyFreedomSuperior AdaptationRemoldingUniverse Creation by his Unnatural Presence, and general Cosmic Manipulation and Reality Warping.

AbilitiesPsychological IntuitionNumerical Precision and Hyper Mind along with Supernatural Intelligence and Omnilingualism.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Motto: "Power is and will always be its own reward."

Quotes:  "Leadership through fear and love altogether is the hallmark of the greatest ruler, but undervaluing fear will mark its greatest collapse."

"My subjects understand that my needs are their needs, my desires are their desires, and through utmost solidarity, my reality is their reality."

"In freedom is no security, with chaos is no order, alongside democracy is inefficiency. This is why my everlasting system is eternal expanding to the infinite horizons; no place is hidden from my reach but they shall revel in their chaos until I rectify"'

"Fool, you speak of something as archaic as rebellion? I stomped out the ideals of freedom, I've ensured the obsequious fidelity of a vast majority of my subjects, everything is my eyes and ears, and they fully acknowledge that I've conquered countless universes and crushed countless gods. If there is even an iota of a chance of societal disruption from civil unrest, I've placed safeguards on the lowest levels to ensure preemptive closure."

"I've harnessed the power of entire universes, artfully established an eternal foundation and language, and formulated the equation to disprove freedom as a meaningless need that only engenders despair. All of this done in the name of creating the greatest masterpiece throughout totality."

"A wasted life is a life solely of pleasure, joy, and ecstasy without understanding of pain, loss, and humility. Only in suffering can an individual find his own self-worth and validation for even existing. Simply if they can't adapt, they won't survive."

Theme MusicDream Theater - Lost not forgotten

ArchetypesBig Brother is WatchingCrazy PreparedDespotism Justifies the MeansUltimate Life FormStraw NihilistThe Social DarwinistShadow DictatorThe Evil's of Free Will,  Multiversal Conqueror

Occupation: The Supreme Directorate of the U.U.E. (United Universal Empire), Multiversal Traveler, The Sentinel of Creation

Origin: In the very beginning when all of existence and nonexistence comprised an infinitesimal, volatile singularity, various cosmological forces formed as nascent abstracts within to ensure a specialized order that could coexist with the conceptual agents of chaos. The most potent and restrained of these, which we know today as Creation, harbored the infinite probabilities and potentialities of the omniverse. As time passed and the optimal proportion of primal concepts was achieved, the singularity precipitously expanded into the totality as we could partially comprehend it through it's embryonic forces vied for control throughout the continuity. Dimensions and realities collapsed, new universes  hastily materialized into existence, eldritch abominations became a commonality, and life was virtually unsustainable. Eons passed and structure and balanced emerged with harmonious composition and purpose. Life began anew and began to populate the cosmos, but the abstraction of Creativity, not to be outdone, created a sentient representation of itself as a wandering and absolute force to interact with the burgeoning societies and civilizations of the time. Desiring law and order to reign rather than the chaos and destruction of its own past, it created an identity for itself and began to guide its subjects in the right direction.

Personality and Traits:

As a being who represents the myriad possibilities and potentialities of the omniverse, he has shown to be arrogant, domineering, and manipulative while simultaneously holding a high regard for the threat of human/alien creativity and ideals as a threat against his empire. Existing for billions upon billions of years, he's accumulated experienced that has allowed him to see through almost every opposing strategy, tactic, and gambit and reverse it to benefit his cause and prevent them from transpiring in the first place. His foresight has made countless universes that have not even seen his presence in battle wonder if he was truly omniscient. Through his implementation of unceasing propaganda, conspiracy, and psychological reevaluations, he's successfully brainwashed entire collections of galaxies and even universes to unequivocally conform and even fight unwaveringly for his cause demonstrating his great propensity for unilateral control.

He's always had an adoration for the classics collecting Impressionist artistic pieces including a set devoted to Escher's masterpieces as a fulcrum for his liberal perceptions and authoritarian leadership. He has even donned traditional Hellenistic and Ancient Roman armor because of what it represented in the past which he believes should be eternal. He was a prolific author writing numerous works that even outside of his empire receive national acclaim despite his controversial message with critics commonly comparing him to authors like Chaucer. He's even shown himself to be a profound inventor devising the Unisphere, a device that contains the power of an entire universe, the architectural foundation of his M.B.U. (Mobile Base Unit), and practically the entire political subject. He has even fabricated games for his enjoyment such as Escher chess based on his favorite style of art.

Through being a hypercalculating and multidimensional entity, he also views reality as an elaborate game to not be cheated but mastered and a clay that shouldn't be torn but molded sometimes even preferring to see his subjects as a string of numbers rather than an individual. This detachment from more empathic interpersonal perspectives of reality has rendered him psychopathic and narcissistic. Also due to his mathematical/dimensional perceptions, he prefers everything to be ordered and consistent to the extent of constructing a common language termed Verdegood that he is gradually imparting into the memories of his subjects through the media he controls even allowing civilizations outside of his influence access to it. Due to his conquering ideology, his empire always engaged in a war somewhere in the vast multiverse and expends most of his subject's resources on military/political assets and comforts leaving the people with just enough to survive and live. To them, it is all for the good of maintaining and expanding the sovereignty of the empire.

He's been described as an apparition or even a force that doesn't even exist but as an instrument of oppression for the U.P.P. to control the population. Despite the physical lack of virtually any proof of his existence according to the general population and even the majority of the U.P.P., his influence still remains and it's generally agreed, it's always watching.

Fighting Style:

His fighting style mainly involves using his powers of creativity to unconsciously and virtually instantaneously adapt ad infinitum to any opponent's powers and abilities and, if he can, dominate them mentally to convert them to his side. Believing that killing/reality warping is "cheating" at reality's elaborate game, he will consistently attempt to sway them to his side while physically and emotionally bruising them so they can accept the futility of their goal. As a connoisseur and devoted supporter of the "classics" that he's careful not to lose sight of, he has trained himself in many styles of martial arts galaxy wide and their unconventional tactic and will use them to entertain himself against any adversary that is not worthy for the execution of his greater abilities.

His most infamous aspect is that you can never tell whether or not you're fighting the real Cassius or an extremely authentic imitation/body double and the closest victories from enemies have turned to their greatest defeats at the reveal of an elaborate trap that ensnared their forces. For this reason, almost nobody is legitimately sure if he actually exist and is just a figurehead for the parties of the U.U.E. or is just an elusive authoritarian who never leaves the protection of the heart of his kingdom.


He primarily resides in one of his many M.B.U.s administrating strategy and overseeing sociopolitical outbreaks that warrant his attention. The base can be described as a miniature city on its own as it accommodates the greatest minds and among the most influential individuals in his empire. 


Intergalactically regarded as the bastion of the U.U.E. as it supplants the empire with vital knowledge and resources along with the highest command, it is usually in the background during a war never to see battle. Powered by self-sustaining Dark Energy and a stable mobile metropolis, it is a technological marvel of the empire; however, it's gained supreme notoriety by its absolute defense meant to ensure the safety of all imperative classified information. The ship possesses a function allowing it to phase in and out of reality effectively chronolocking its assets and paraphernalia.

It's divided into 4 zones commonly referred to as rings with each successive layer that compartmentalizes the duties and responsibilities with the bottom with the goal of researching, developing, organizing, and disseminating all intelligence. The fuselage of the ship contains many landing bays, drive thrusters, sensor arrays, and tractor beam systems and civilian amenities such as shopping centers, parks, and recreational areas to make time aboard deep space more comforting. Facilitating the M.B.U.'s method of propulsion is a network of electrogravitics that converted Dark Energy into the needed thrust. Using a hyperdimensional navigation matrix that utilizes space-time coordinates in the categorized data stream of reality, it can effectively teleport to virtually any location inside the universe.

The U.U.E.'s M.B.U.s is also the center for tactical/strategic theoretics, interpretation, and implementation and for ecopolitical and military structural research and in pursuit of their goal for optimizing, they've formed an intergalactic council to discuss and rationalize solutions to the issues that threaten to compromise the integrity of the empire. They also engineer the optimal psychological methodology to break the resolve of any dissident that dares to overthrow or even question the values and directive of the empire. An M.B.U. is the best location for the most updated and efficient proselytizing techniques available.

The United Political Party (U.P.P.):

The U.P.P. is the most elite social stratum of the empire comprising the top 3% of the U.U.E. population with their primary main office located on a remote fertile and lush planet named Haumaya. The cabinet regulates the bulk of the U.U.E.'s socioeconomics and information, propoganda and supervision, and the budgeting of finances along with command of the Imperial Defense Agency. The party's chief executive, Vallantro Wozniak of the venerable Wozniak family who is also the Prime Monarch of the planet, established the U.P.P. central base colloquially known as Wozniak Towers. 

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They are also the highest authority that the common populace is completely cognizant of and can report to and is practically feared the most despite Cassius's "omnipresential" influence. They have the official greatest jurisdiction of the U.U.E.'s and used the public's worship of Cassius and their control over information flow and life and death to ensure that every constituent follows whatever the U.P.P. wills. Even the entire war effort is a grand exploit to secure their power through the public's submission, paranoia, and a need for authority.

The Ministry:

300px 9115
The Ministry is an exclusive board of directors including the best and the brightest at any specific field that can benefit the empire. They act in the best interest of Cassius as the surreptitious council that even the public for the most part is unaware of efficiently carrying out any covert or classified operation that he commissioned. They are an impartial organization that have members hailing from any social classes as long as they meet the stringent qualification. The group as a whole are the only organization that Cassius truly makes an appearance to see, but that is the main reason why they cannot reveal their existence to the populace. In case somebody attains information of their existence, they are to target them immediately and dispatch them because even with psychological reevaluation, the organization remains within the recesses of their mind with the chance that it could inadvertently be revealed.

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Vallantro Wozniak, a senior member of the Ministry and chief member of the U.P.P., is the visionary planner for the council and is the primary voice for Cassius. He ruthlessly and expertly executes any task given without any second thoughts and has even engineered entire genocides if he knew it was for the good of the empire. The public has mixed feelings about his scruples and his credentials for his authority because of him spearheading numerous persecutions and various massacres for the U.U.E., and as the scapegoat of Cassius, civil negative opinions are directed toward him. He takes his position with pride through obligation as a formally meek and compliant youth that has risen through the ranks to assume his title through determination and indomitable will that has garnered Cassius's attention and respect. His keen mind and flawless implementation of orders has made him his right hand man. 


Virgil Stiyls, a senior member of the Ministry and a chairman of the Vigilant Sentinel Initative, is the foremost strategist and data collector who views the world similar to Cassius, as a sequence of numbers and symbols and tends to view causality as the one constant of the universe. He is leader of the widely recognized intelligence agency and has made numerous advances in fields of game theory and computer science. At first, he was an infamous hacker who was formally a member of a strong resistance and was instrumental in developing Ezekiel, but currently uses his brilliance to foster allegiance to Cassius's empire. He is also a reigning grandmaster of Escher chess, a stimulating means of entertainment created by Cassius who he considers a worthy opponent.


The Inquisitor, senior member of the ministry, is hailed as one of the most accomplished and ruthless mercenary in the vast expanse of the U.U.E. In his private life, he is an independent contractor employed as a bounty hunter traveling throughout the universe earning his pay check hunting down criminals, politicians, business magnates, and more as long as it doesn't conflict with the objective of the Ministry and Cassius's directives. During his extensive treks, he has accumulated great experience and hidden knowledge while gaining familiarity with a myriad of cultures and languages. Through proving his loyalty to the empire and to accompany his lifestyle, he is not subjected to many of the laws that the common populace must obey and is generally off the radar of the watch of the Vigilant Sentinel Initiative and almost every intelligence agency, but in exchange for his freedoms, he must abide by every will directly enforced by Cassius and the Ministry. Due to his enigmatic nature, he's also an acting spy for the Empire hiding within the ranks of any resistance that hires his services believing that he holds no affiliation.

As a young child, his kingdom was invaded and annexed into Cassius's empire and he suffered for his pubescent life ostracized and even abused for resisting and open-mindedly criticizing regulations and laws. At the tender age of 17, he joined the strongest resistance of the time in hopes of liberating his people but the program they developed which had the greatest prospects of collapsing and crippling the empire and disposing of Cassius ended in failure as the A.I. overrided their control, and while it crippled the empire, the resistance was located and disbanded. Hidden in the aftermath of the chaos hunting down targets, the Ministry noticed his talents and recruited him.

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Ezekiel, founder of the Ministry, and a program originally fabricated by the resistance to collapse the empire. It actually almost succeeded by learning how to manipulate the data that codifies reality and overcoming every barrier even overwhelming the resistance's barriers with goals to usurp the throne from Cassius himself. In the aftermath, the empire was in grievous need of reparation and it depleted half of their collected resources to restrain and force him to surrender and submit to their order. He has transcended his programming making him virtually immune to the introduction of new programming or the override of his own. He established the Ministry to hide his own existence from the world while serving Cassius who continually watches him ensuring that nothing on such scale would ever transpire again. Regretful of his past, he utilizes the Ministry to reconcile his future. He prefers not to use his capabilities unless it is necessary.

The War For Eternity:

Since the dawn of the empire, they were continually locked in a war with any civilization bordering their glorious society daring to threaten their existence. Even after countless millennia, they continue to engage in conquest believing in their direction toward the assimilation of totality itself. Soon, the U.P.P. and Cassius used the war as a tool for economic and political leverage to suppress the will of the people, evolved into a justifiable reason to expend resources, and legitimately decreasee living standards even today when the war is fought almost entirely by advanced androids, drones, and emotionally detached cyborgs in place of the architects of the U.U.E. that shall continue to build up the empire as it expands into the horizon of infinity. 

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The Artificial Tactical Intelligence, more extensively than the M.B.U.s, executes strategies and gambits to prevail in the many wars that the empire inevitably becomes involved with in their quest for power. A council of androids that is essentially the digitally codified psionic storage of the most brilliant minds that have been conquered throughout reality coupled with force fields and vector shielding along with particle beams and antiparticle weaponry as well as hidden technology. They are the default strategist to orchestrate the large scale maneuvers and plans to mark the optimal point of attack and positioning matrix. They are also the foremost inventors for the U.U.E. revolutionizing and effectively improving their forces means of engaging in combat against any opposition that threatens their way of life. They are designed to ensure the efficiency of the empire's expansion regardless of the power or range of the opposition.

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The Artificial Shock Troops excel in power through strength as much as the Artificial Tactical Intelligence excels at strategem. Powered wirelessly by the virtually unlimited energy of the Unisphere, they will not rest or tire until their target is neutralized. Interfaced directly with the A.T.I., many of them hold the position as commanders of their fleet. There primary weaponry includes guns that shoot focused gravity waves that enables a shock trooper to disintegrate opposition on the atomic level up to an entire squadron tearing apart a star and cause it to go nova with secondary weaponry including antimatter/matter reaction missiles along with other paraphernalia depending on the model. And with continuous gravitic repulsion fields, energy force fields, and a chassis composed primarily of Cadamantium, an indestructible, flexible alloy of unstable molecules, it's defenses are virtually unstoppable. As a last resort, it uses a singularity bomb that generates a planet-destroying black hole. It's method of propulsion uses electrostatic ion thrusters, and for astronomical distances, subspace warp field activator. Also constructed to withstand the cold vacuity of space, they are almost truly unstoppable if you're the target. 

Standard war robots
The Artificial Infantry Unit is where most of the numbers lie for the U.U.E.'s army. Boasting the greatest strength in quantity, they are the most infamous faces of the military known for their general agility, reflexes, and overall speed. Their slick and more aerodynamic structure allows more refined and dextrous movements to accomplish many task that requires precision and fine movements especially with the integrated, advanced miniaturized weapons systems concealed beneath the android's exterior plating including smart missiles and lasers gauntlets.

It's primary abilities include the ability to release devastating electric currents and erect electromagnetic shields, when in contact, uses its acute precision to manipulate the neural impulses in organic lifeforms. This effectively renders them immune to virtually any electric attack and even magnetic influences. Some droids are equipped with energy rifles that  functions as an electrically powered electromagnetic launcher that propels a shell of cadamantium at massively hypersonic speed and other more advanced models can alter their height based on a more flexible metallic structure and the addition of extradimensional mass through internal portals. 

The Superpositioning Quantum Telesphere operates as a mass-mobilizing superstructure with the chief purpose of effectively increasing the logistics of multiversal combat and organized trading, transit, and freight/cargo transport. In every universe controlled by the U.U.E., a network of SQTs exist that are positionally quantum locked to every other SQT outside its own universe by interconnecting extradimensional links to expedite universe shifting and remove the need of a hyperpositional matrix that would normally accompany such massively scaled travel. And through these links, they can also travel to any other SQT within their universe as well. And every SQT is powered internally by nuclear fusion from stars stabilized by two massive tractor beams placing the star in the focus of a locking interference pattern restricting any movement and also absorbs most of the radiant light and ultraviolet radiation.

The SQT is also one of the greatest defensive superstructures with a heavily layered and interlaced hull and repulsor field from reverse polarized tractor beams designed to withstand decimation from solar system obliterating blast of energy. It also has billions of turrets installed on its exterior along with several other defensive mechanisms to ward off any potential invasions. The interior of the sphere is a tremendous biosphere constructed to be a habitable area where most of the inhabitants should be able to freely breathe and even localized artificial habitats for aliens that have varied evolutionary circumstances. It is there that portals of every size alows access to different points throughout reality to another SQT' entry port. As a gigantic multiversal terminal, every SQT is a veritable homogenous society that comprises an eclectic mix of species united under the banner of Cassius. 

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The Capital Ship, the primary multipurpose ship of the U.U.E., is an immense spacecraft that can exceed the speed of light by 3,000 using the hyperdimensional drive created by the Artificial Tactical Intelligence and powered by a zero-point energy modules. It's capable of providing enough energy for casual planetary and stellar destruction through a directed energy beam at the head of the ship.

Using Cassius's multidimensional technology, it is far bigger on the inside capable of carrying thousands of soldiers for deployment and other paraphernalia. It also had the necessary instruments for terraforming planets of recently conquered territories or potential worlds of strategic importance for alien colonies to inhabit. Along with these capabilities, it's also one of the few ships capable of reaching alternate universes by traveling through the void between dimensions through generating a pocket of space-time. 

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The Collective is a group of beings that have mastered control of a variety supernatural abilities that are the reserves for the war of eternity. They conceal their faces with body armor that resembles an atmospheric diving suit to preserve their identities, strike fear into their enemies, along with completely hiding their emotions. Each suit is capable of cloaking, environmental adaptation, advanced AI assisted HUD that can interface with the ATI, and a psioplasmic force field. They speak to one another via a telepathic relay that they refer to as the Arch Network which was constructed by Vallantro Wozniak for his awareness of most of their activities, coherent teamwork through instant information distribution, and flawless coordinated attack patterns.

As a sole property of the Ministry that founded this initiative after a boon of conduits with the metagene granting them their abilities, they can sever contact with the ATI as recourse any time they are rendered nonfunctional. For the most part, they patrol virtually every space sector and, to the Ministry, they are their eyes and ears through the encrypted Arch Network. Several of them are also research subjects that allows the Ministry and every subdivision to study the beta gene and meta energy for any potential applications and connections with any other supernatural forces. It is rumored that Cassius is allegedly searching for a way to stifle the emergence of this gene for greater control of his populace. 

Security and Safeguards:

The U.U.E. possesses many of the most impenetrable defenses and highest levels of socioeconomic security in the multiverse and with their draconian domination of territory and great investments in militarism and information gathering, they are the staple of stability and will prevail over any force threatening to disrupt their natural order. And with their numerous security protocols, every security department has prepared for virtually every contingency and eventuality, and every individual is trained to counter with the utmost efficiency and no mercy. Through their myriad methods of psychological reevaluation, propaganda, and surveillance, they have ensured that most threats are preemptively dealt with and accompanying the U.U.P.'s access to temporal technology capable of sending information back in time and viewing events in the past through the applications in the burgeoning field of Tachyonics and Neutrinics, they are able to protect and defend their populace in greater ways than before. 

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For every recently conquered planet, a large, luminescent sphere termed the Interface Adaptation Engine (I.A.E.) lands on the surface and attaches to the planet with its metallic tendrils. In its cadamantium shell is a highly advanced computer that adapts the energy coming from the unisphere into a form that the planet can utilize as electricity to provide the biosphere with virtually unlimited energy. It is also a beacon that can directly connect with the Artificial Tactical Intelligence for military troop deployment if any situation escalates beyond what the planet's resources alone cannot handle or any nearby Interface Adaptation Engine.

It stealthily seeds the clouds with an aggregated collection of nanites that it launches into the air to spread worldwide through a pressurized aperture which contains a sequence of data that indexes a genetic designation for every individual that inhales the miniature machines when it falls along with precipitation. Since the computer is interfaced with the nanites through extradimensional connections, the I.A.E. can 'sense' when there is a potential transgressor during every rainfall when they inhale nanites that does not register them as a part of the genetic database. Those nanites allegedly also connects their lifeforce to be a conduit of Cassius's essence so that he can manipulate them from the inside on a massive scale.

Every citizen in the empire carries an ID card on their person at all times called a 'Restricts Badge' that every resident must use for every purchase, restricted entry point, and every surprise inspection. The Restricts Badge inputs all biometric data of the owner through touch on its database through interfacing with their biological systems and indexing their DNA with a scanning microcomputer within the card. After the card has been touched on the bottom-left corner where the owner's picture is and collects the sample, a timer activates that corresponds with the card's activation and when it ends, the card is rendered inert and inactive until it is touched again. The authority that scans the card to verify the individual's identity are able to cross-reference the data with the Interface Adaptation Engine or any other major database that contains a database of every inhabitant of the planet. Since this is a cashless society where all the inhabitants finances are  digitally compiled and organized by one of the local basic A.I.s that function as financial institutions. 

The card is also capable of capturing audible mechanical waves of virtually any frequency enabling any surveillance officer or hacker to tap into the microcomputer to monitor the ambient sounds near the card. And since the microcomputer also stores memory of whoever touched the card and their genetic data, they also likely have access to any friends or family or, if the owner of a card is not careful, the other members of a resistance based off of one Restricts Badge. Because of the microcomputer stored inside the card that stores your personal data, that's the only identification that most people actually need during their stay in Cassius's empire.

The Local Security Forces that are located around the planet are the first line of defense against any civil disruption that occurs.They are biological life that services law enforcement and organized to ensure that everything is proceeding in an orderly fashion within their coverage. Armed with plasma rifles that have an adjustible intensity and helmet's that contains a heads-up display, they are a force to be reckoned with alone. And since their helmet's computer are directly linked with the database and is connected with the wearers lifesigns, any sudden absence of it will automatically alert higher forces. 

The Special Forces Unit is a step beyond the Local Security Forces and they are far more trained, proficient, and for the most part, more specialized in comparison. Their technology is also far more advanced including scanners that directly access the planetary database and more destructive plasma blasters. Their heads-up displays are far more advanced with an artificial intelligent that guides their maneuvers and in conjunction with the creative human mind, solve virtually any investigation and resolve almost any conflict with ease. They are elite forces that are the lowest authority that decide whether or not a civilian of the empire needs to be psychologically reevaluated.

Depending on the division of the Special Forces Unit, they are provided with different types of weaponry and equipment pertaining to the specific job with some using teleportation, psionic implants, enhancement serums, and a cloaking device. Most of them are able to interface with computers to ensure that they gather the optimum amount of information to enable them to efficiently overcome any problem and punish any offenders with impunity. They are the most infamous unit for most of the planets in the U.U.E. and will not stop to order is restored.

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The Temporal Authority Unit is a squad from the research division that test weaponized versions of the board of director's most cutting edge technology. They are most renown for their timestream shift devices which are infamously unstable due to the fairly recent boon in the tachyonics branch. Due to this, they can be volatile and fickle if not handled properly and can cause violent temporal distortions or displacement. They've also constructed temporal phasing devices as well enabling them to conceal themselves in a way that was virtually undetectable,

They were reverse engineered from samples of the Catopian Federation's technology along with information sent back in time through antitelephones cautioning them of an impending war that could end the reign of the U.U.E.


As a solid type IV civilization, the U.U.E. has learned to harness and control the power present in entire universes as a whole granting them nearly limitless energy to be used for virtually any application that furthers Cassius's ambitious goals. Through unrelenting nanotechnology, hyperintelligent AI, artificial singularity creation, mass matter transmission, burgeoning time manipulation and reality phasing, the empire has made its mark as one of the most advanced and dominant powerhouses in totality. And as they continue expanding, the civilization will continue to embrace other cultures and surpasas their previous technological heights through the acquisition of knowledge detailing new theoretical and practical application that can only make them stronger as time progresses. 

Power Source
The Unisphere is the core powersource of the U.U.E. that utilizes a multidimensional matrix to capture the energy output of an entire universe in a relatively small orb. It uses a very extensive web of receptors each leading through hyperspace to attach to any I.A.E. or any other device that is compatible to receive its power. Each universe that is property of the U.U.E. possesses a Unisphere which usually denotes that the empire is the proprietary owners of said universe.

The planet that the Unisphere's base is established on is enveloped by a vast and tumultuous space-time distortion field powered by the source that precludes virtually any attempts to trespass impossible, but the hyperspace receptors bypass this defense through accessing an alternate dimension. The workforce that operates and maintains the Unisphere are allow to bypass the space-time warp field as well through reality phasing space vessels.

The hyperdimensional navigation matrix is a digitalized representation of reality codified by the research division through the advanced transducers on the Unisphere's extended hyperspace receptors. The numerous applications of this matrix is to decrease the myriad computations that would usually be required for matter transference, hyperdimensional drives, energy tracing, chemical analysis, and task that demands molecular assemblage. For research, this code can construct detailed reproductions of the universe and predictive models based on patterns based on past events. For military operations, this can be utilized to scout out and identify enemies and analyze their weaponry and other paraphernalia. 

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Daily life in the U.U.E. is rife with the presence of advanced technology and is gifted with an efficient infrastructure. Advanced androids is a cornerstone of the U.U.E. that have stood the test of time bearing a high prominence in security, military, and even government departments. They are prohibited from having an identical appearance to any biological lifeform by one of the many orders branded into their existence to preserve the biological/machine distinction and for each side to show the common courtesy toward the other without any confusion.

Unfor54k3n - Electric Rain
On almost every planet, the rain is a symbol of Cassius's warm endearing presence overlooking his people with open arms. As a symbol associate with guidance, people often look into the sky to see not only precipitation, but also the personal aerial vehicles flying overhead distinguishing the wealthy and highly influential from the middle class. This is also a motivation for the average workforce to rise up to the challenge and prove their worthiness to Cassius so they can achieve that mark of status as well.

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Though the U.U.E. is a cosmopolitan, eclectic civilization that embraces virtually any culture at large, they are opposed to the unnatural, unexplained, and outright impossible. Societies heavily predicated on such mystical and strange forces such as virtually any form of magic, divinity, and other supernatural abilities are shunned, ostracized, and persecuted along with several examples actively being psychologically reevaluated to ensure the safety of the overall populace.

The War for Eternity for a large part also consisted of a civil war between an alliance of several communities that support the supernatural and it's usage along with conduits of mysterious extradimensional forces and magic. The conflict was brief and the U.U.E.'s forces and the Ministry's constituents made examples out of them as a warning for any other civilizations that seek to separate themselves from the great empire. Several theories exist as to why the U.U.E. seeks to undermine the capabilities and influence of supernatural conduits two of which includes a threat to Cassius's rule and the conjecture that the discharge of magical forces in mass disrupts the logical code of the hyperdimensional navigation matrix and could potentially cause several catastrophic glitches in the system. 

After the dispute, several metahumans and a few mages were noted to be accepted without fear of being publicly ridiculed such as high ranking officials, top U.P.P. members, influential and wealthy moguls, etc. They are looked upon as being productive citizens of the U.U.E. who deserves their individuality and as a great contributor for the good of the empire as a whole. 

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The MASS (Mega Atom Smashing System) is a multi chambered particle collider, one of the largest and most complex experimental facilities ever constructed in the U.U.E. Erected by the research division on the fringes of the universe widely known and acknowledged for its benefits for the empire regarding turning abstracted theory into practical empirical applications; however, most of the experiments are relatively obscured from the public eye such as the capability to capture tachyons and utilize it for fields pertaining to temporal mechanics.

Through a cumulative effort by several scientist from all corners of the universe, they have devised a tachyon recorder and determined precisely how to interpret the patterns of the tachyonic causal system which are affected and deflected by all the matter it passed through in its reversed passage through time. The deflections could be analyzed and converted into the images of the matter it delfected off of and through this process, a chronoscope could be constructed to view events 300 years forward in time. Attached to the MASS in an isolated chamber is where the elite group researchers govern the operations of the chronoscope to ensure the sovereignty of the empire. 

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While the U.U.E. have proven that as a civilization, they are superbly innovative and adaptable, a few of their best examples of cutting-edge technology stems from scouting other civilizations and reverse engineering remnants of their machinery and electronics. Even though the U.U.E. have a vast presence and influence as a multiversal empire, their scout ships venture much farther out to relay information on which civilizations to embrace to further the U.U.E.'s agenda to thrive without expending too much of their resources while also ensuring a great reward for their captures. 

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The numerous experiments by the scattered research division of the U.U.E. continue to push the envelop of the most cutting edge technological development. Several illegitimate top-secret experiments with genetic engineering, biochemical engineering, nano-robotics, and even techno-sorcery have ensured the longevity and security of the U.U.E. for millennia to come. Along with the acquisition of species that have mastered the principles of biotechnology along with societies and cultes that have excel in the manipulation of extradimensional energies or magic, they continue to breach the frontiers of possibilities as they explore the applications. 


In the U.U.E., everybody is inured from birth to follow the directions that is given from their superiors, and ultimately, every edict of Cassius. His rule has solidified a stable and orderly society where ideals of freedom and chaos are shunned and taboo. The general populace feel their leader's omnipresence and through this, they are obligated to satisfy them for they all know he is always watching and listening with good intentions. As a result, they hold a fear and, simultaneously, a great respect for Cassius and believe that his truth is absolute for his omnipotence gives him no reason to lie.

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In the U.U.E., the public is expected to find truth and explore the mysteries of the universe with an unbridled curiosity as they successfully propagated the common belief that knowledge is power. Through this, they are trained to emulate the ultimate truth that is their great leader and follow every edict that he is given so they can approach this truth. Through their devotion and curiosity, they retain all the information in advertisements, banners, and news bulletins, all avenues of knowledge that Cassius himself acknowledges and encourages.

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In the U.U.E.. gang violence is a commonality amongst the lowest social denominators that have forged anarchic organizations and escaped the noticed of the vast system of surveillance. This is also commonly played on by propaganda as being a result of what the empire as a whole has potential to descend into without the great rule of their leader and the stability and order of their government. In effect, the U.U.E. believe that their government despite what could be considered flaws is the only choice if they desire to live a great and worthwhile life.

In the U.U.E., there are several resistances that take place throughout the empire, but most of them are crushed before they truly make any tangible difference and create considerable losses. For every resistance that is disbanded or erased, the information is displayed for all of the local galactic clusters to give credence and justification for Cassius omnipotence and control over everything.


The Church of Castianity is an established doctrine that has existed since the founding of the U.P.P. and predates the Ministry itself that commonly acts through it. They have a network of churches throughout the universe and it is to be used as a place of adoration and prayer to summon his power and mercy. They created their own belief that Cassius is not only ruler of their kingdom, but is covertly ruler over all of totality with the empire being a holy land of the vast multiverse.

Whether or not the belief is accepted is up to the individual and through the general populace's rationale of searching for the ultimate truth, the Church is looked upon as the obstacle for truth and a cultist organization that has a little less than 10% that regularly attends. 

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Verdegood, the official language of the U.U.E., is one of the most grand inventions of the empire. It's one of the most subtle and influential means of control that the empire has over its citizens. It was created as a tool to limit the freedom of thought and stifle concepts that pose a threat to the strict order and stability of the civilization. The foundations of the language is derived from the structure of various others that originated mostly from hive-minded species and fascist/dictatorial societies. They have taken careful steps to decrease the expressiveness of communication regarding ideals of freedom to make the population more subservient and accepting of their information. Every citizen that has been embraced by the U.U.E. are strongly encouraged to learn this language to fit in with their society and contribute to the group as a whole.

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 Last but not least is the cornerstone of the U.U.E. commonly called the Temple because of the architectural similarities that the Church of Casstianity commonly uses. It's an establishment with a purpose relatively unknown by most people who reside in the U.U.E. as they are scantily dispersed throughout every universe that the great empire has proprietary rights to. The few who are privy to the processes that transpire within the temple know it is one of the premier places to undergo psychological evaluation. Many who claim to have access to obscure knowledge or awareness of a grand conspiracy are usually sent to this domain and renewed when they leave. The treatment inside is completely optional doubling as an education center for all who enter to learn the truth before they choose whether or not they want to go through the experience of benevolent mental modification.