This doesn't seems the best place to ask but since i love this website and it's all about powers i thought i could try asking some advice and opinion :))

Sooo I'm writing a story which takes places in a technlogically-advanced world. A certain objects serves as a power source for everything involving supernatrual. And i have this one Character who has an extremely dangerous ability(or interesting whatever) but i still don't know which and what. Together with my partner we choose, 'came up with' (well not really) Powers:

1. Causality Perception , Destruction of everything and anything

2. The ability to change one's vision or shift one's brain waves to psychically see or detect the strings that form reaity floating around everywhere. Can cab change anything just by grabbing whatever the string is connected to and tugging it how you see it fit. But some strings are just hard to touch or see etc.

3. The ability to create psionic 'bubbles', that respond to the force of the voice, the mind or the emotions. Anything you think, speak or wish within the produced 'bubbles' will result in a change in reality(only within the 'bubble' and the change will fade away if the 'bubble' is destroyed). Can produce effects wihtin the 'bubble' and release them into the outside world by popping the 'bubbles' which only influences the reality a little but mostly humans are affected by it.

So I wanna hear your opinions or what limits i could use to not make them so powerful or do you have any better powers to use that are a real danger? ;) thanks in advance