aka Chris

  • I live in California
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Student, Writer, and Smallville Wikia Contributor
  • I am Male
  • Cer-El

    I know this is considered a VERY horrifying question, but I just got to thinking about it and decided to get poeple's anwers on this question out of curiosity? To to be honest, just writing this question scares the crap out of me worse than most of my other phobias?

    Anyway, (guys and ladies both can answer this question and don't bite my head off either) if females of all ages in real life, aside from animals and insects, were to gain powers while we men remain normal, how do you think this world would turn out from the moment each women suddenly received their powers? (Note: In this scenario, I'm only referring to the Smallville "meteor freak" type of powers. Not Superman's powers, which would only lead to catastrophy.)

    How would the world …

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