Max Mesianth
Max Mesianth








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October 23rd

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Superhuman Justice Committee



Max Mesianth is a member of the Superhuman Justice Committee. He was recruited by the organization when his incredible abilities were observed during a crisis in Autumn City, where he bravely dispatched an enormous malevolent robot with a single punch.


Max is a teenage boy of rather small stature, which often causes his opponents to let their guard down. He has spiky white hair that stops at his ears, and deep blue eyes.

He wears a casual outfit consisting of a blue sweater hoodie over a green t-shirt, with brown pants and brown combat boots. Alternatively, he wears a simple white, short-sleeved t-shirt and midnight blue shorts.


Against an enemy, Max does his best to put on a face of bravery, but inside, he is terrified. Due to the simplicity of his powers, he is almost always at a disadvantage against his more superhuman enemies. Training gives him confidence, however, and because of his determination to be stronger, he is valued among the members of the Committee. He looks up to Hill as a role model.

Abilities and Skills

Peak Physical Conditioning: At 14, he has trained his body to its maximum physical potential. In his base form, he is able to lift three times his own body weight, knock out a grown man with a single punch, run at a speed of 7 meters per second, and shrug off being thrown into a brick wall. However, for all these feats, he is nowhere near the power of an average superhuman, and has to rely on his other ability...

Excelsior: Max was born with the innate ability to enhance his own physical strength at will. This usually-dormant power is called Excelsior, which manifests in Max as a yellow coloration of his body. It is a "trump card" of sorts. Excelsior allows Max to convert the latent energy in his body into muscular power, augmenting his strength and speed to ridiculous levels. At full potential, using Excelsior grants him enough strength to collapse an entire building, and punch with so much force that he creates a strong blast of wind capable of uprooting trees from the ground. When using Excelsior in his legs, he is able to run on water, and scale buildings in a single bound. It comes with a price, however - because Excelsior uses up the energy in his body rather quickly, it exhausts him, and Max cannot use it for very long, or else he will expend too much energy, and fall into a brief coma, or worse. Although, this danger can be prevented by eating lots of food, drinking a lot of water, sleeping, and training. While the side effects are frightening, the power he gains from entering this stage makes it more than worth it.