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  • Cbonde101

    Delilah Gammers

    November 13, 2016 by Cbonde101

    Delilah Gammers is a member of the Acrilian Guard. She is Hill's childhood friend.

    Delilah was born in Autumn City, before her family moved to the Kedrian Mountains so that they could live a more quiet life. She had a slightly hard time adjusting to rural life while living out in the country, something which caused her to act reclusive and shy, and combined with her parents always pushing for her to be the perfect daughter, she began to act rudely towards others. She was also very talented, and was showing signs of ability possession even at a young age among the other Superhumans she grew up with.

    But a boy by the name of Hill was one of the few who people who actively wanted to befriend Delilah, not only drawn to her because of her powers, …

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  • Cbonde101

    Carver Bolt

    October 24, 2016 by Cbonde101

    Carver Bolt is a member of the Autumn City Defense Committee, and joined it around the time that Hill began his own classes. Having grown up with Tomerman and the others for 3 years, Carver is undoubtedly a critical member of their team.

    Carver was born and raised by his parents, Chara Bolt and Karma Bolt, in the continent of Paldis, where he lived the first 12 years of his life. He had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. No more than 3 years after his birth, his youngest sister, Carla Bolt, was born.

    Throughout the course of his life Carver had watched his siblings succumb to various disabilities such as paralysis from the waist down and vocal muteness as a result of disasters. Even as a child, he could feel and understand the pain that his siblings w…

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  • Cbonde101

    Lars Lentwood

    June 30, 2016 by Cbonde101

    {{Template:Character Infobox |name = Lars Lentwood |-|-|image =

    Lars is a average, rather friendly man, befriending many of his fellow officers during his time in the force. He usually spends his time reading books or the newspaper. However, despite his relatively lax and laid-back demeanor, he has a strong sense of duty and justice, and takes pride in his job.

    Omegalus was an extreme prodigy, being only 17 when he had first saved the world (which he had gone on to do a fair amount of times before being incapacitated). Contrary to Lars, he had a rather bombastic personality, displaying barbaric tendencies such as quick eating, meat-loving, and a passion for competition and battle. However, despite this, he would always stop whatever he'd be …

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  • Cbonde101

    Max Mesianth

    June 10, 2016 by Cbonde101

    Max Mesianth is a member of the Superhuman Justice Committee. He was recruited by the organization when his incredible abilities were observed during a crisis in Autumn City, where he bravely dispatched an enormous malevolent robot with a single punch.

    Max is a teenage boy of rather small stature, which often causes his opponents to let their guard down. He has spiky white hair that stops at his ears, and deep blue eyes.

    He wears a casual outfit consisting of a blue sweater hoodie over a green t-shirt, with brown pants and brown combat boots. Alternatively, he wears a simple white, short-sleeved t-shirt and midnight blue shorts.

    Against an enemy, Max does his best to put on a face of bravery, but inside, he is terrified. Due to the simplicity …

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  • Cbonde101

    Hill Tomerman

    June 7, 2016 by Cbonde101

    {{Template:Character Infobox |name = Hill Tomerman |image = |alias = Heatwave


    Lieutenant Tomerman |race = Human/Preterhuman |alignment = Good |gender = Male |age = 15-16

    17 (Post-academy) |birthday = September 23rd |haircolor = Chocolate

    Sandy Brown (Overheat)

    White (Quake)

    White (HotQuake) |eyecolor = Olive

    Red (Overheat)

    Blue (Quake)

    Red (HotQuake) |height = 5'7" |weight = 160lbs. |birthplace = Planet Avalon; Acril |affiliation = Autumn City Defense Committee

    Acrilian Guard (Current) |theme =

    ' His alternative technique. By forcefully vibrating the air around him at the speed of sound, he can create free, self-propagating vibration waves that cover his entire body like a shield. The self-perpetuating vibrations that protect his body also enh…

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