Yo yo yo! hows it goin playas?

The Bloggity

Why do we do that add superfluous syllables to already superfluous words. The word blog doesn't mean much but we use it as a replacement for "Personal Log" Anywho I wanted to say hey to everyone who has helped. If you appreciate the wiki the keep on editing. I know that from having edited for a while, after you get to a certain point it stops being as fun as it was the first few days. But let it sink in, take it slow for two weeks and then jump back on. I guarantee it will be more fun than when you first logged on.

Meowth 52 Payday

To be more serious

I appreciate the value of an online community dedicated to sharing ideas. I am in the valueless business of acquiring online friendships. So help me out visit my page on the central wiki and learn about me, If you like what you see go to my facebook, (Located on the same page) and FR me. this allows me (and you) the be more connected as an online community.


I have to get off, the fiancee is sighing at me. Going bowling. DFTBA!