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I know you guys don't want a history lesson so I'll keep it brief, but I also know that a lot of people on here are speaking english as a second language, and thats fine, but it leads to confusion sometimes. Mainly when you use a word not derived from a latin source. English is a Melded language, meaning it came from lots of different origins to end up at one really confusing language. But the largest source of the english language it from the same source as italian, french, germanic, or spanish = Latin.

Understandings Vs. Meanings

Words mean things, and they are understood as things. But those two don't correlate in any way. I think most specifically many people are confused about the word Space.


Space Means:

An empty area
The area between two objects
A void
An unoccupied location
Emptiness in a vessel
A designation of general area

When you say Space most people understand:

The void between planets
The area universes occupy
Beyond Earths Upper atmosphere.
The Cosmos

(It has other meanings too, derived from other languages, but they are not quite as important.)


This happens because most people understand that Outer Space is a big empty place and quite void and is relatively unoccupied. So they named an understanding with something that already had a meaning.

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