Aang AS

Hello, I'm Caydeb

You Probably Don't know who I am, so let me introduce myself. I am Cayde, a wiki editor who has been off this particular wiki for a long time. I have a reason for this, the facepalms. I stopped editing this wiki after nearly two years of work because my face hurt too much. People were creating new pages, that were frankly... Garbage. I can't deal with all that, posted on here, on a daily basis.

They are back


I got back on here the other day and realized that I had missed it so much. Editing pages and writing articles, meeting new internetz ppl and all the things. Unfortunately I have again succumbed to unbearable head trauma, the facepalms were back. I'm not sure if anyone will actually read this but some of the pages on here are worse than garbage, they are complete crap, at least with garbage you can sort through and find a scrap of good food, or a recyclable piece of plastic, or some craftable cardboard. Crap is not like that, crap is crap through and through. pages like this or this. These pages that are the same thing over,and over, and over, and over, and over... and over. It is so completely ridiculous, I cannot fathom it's depths. Oh, wait yes I can, 5,500 pages worth of it.

Bring in Mr. Perspective

I hope you can forgive me for sounding a little prissy, because the goal here is not to offend anyone. It is to ring this thing back in and make it awesome again. A few things I am trying to do first, then a hope that you will help me do some more.

Sonic RainBOOM!