Superpower Wiki Mascot Contest

Hey Guys, we are looking to add a mascot for some templates and pages so we want you to help us draw one up! The entries will be posted and voted on by community members and we will use the winners pictures on the wiki! Here are the rules:


  1. All entries must be original
  2. All media types accepted. Colored mediums preferred (Pencil Drawings are less likely to be used)
  3. Please Keep files under 500px-500px square (we need her to be small)
  4. Family Friendly pictures only
  5. .png images will be appreciated

Best Practice

We are looking for a particular type of mascot to fit the wiki's needs. These are not rules but should help you design your creation. It should be:

  • Human
  • Female
  • Carrying a Weapon
  • In colors black red orange and yellow
  • Simple
  • Able to Fly
  • Without background (Just your character)


To enter the contest:

  1. Upload your Original photo to this wiki
  2. Title it: Mascot(Your User name)(Number of Submission)
  3. Post it here: Top 10 List:Mascot Entries


This is my First Entry titled "MascotCaydeb1.png" and fulfills all of the best practices.


When does the contest close?

  • Voting Begins March 31, 2011

What do I get for winning?

  • The joy of a job well done, and promotion on the main page.

How many times can I enter?

  • As many as you want, The more the better

What are you going to do with my artwork?

  • Display it on the wiki, As a visual aid for templates and help pages. You get all the credit.
  • It may also be the source character for further uses later on.

Can I Post someone else's work for them?

  • No, work must be yours and original so that we can give you the proper credit.

I don't like my previous submission, can i remove it from the contest?

  • Yes, change the name of the file and remove it from the voting list. It will be deleted when the contest is over.


Any questions leave them on User talk:Caydeb. Post comments below.