A little Background

This site is my favorite wiki. Better than the oz wiki and better than tardispedia better than my own wiki, but alas I am forlorn. For you see my wikian friends this site is changing. I like change in fact change can be a very very good thing, but it can also crush a perfectly good thing. I want, no I need to see new pages posted on this wiki, but I don't want those pages to be crowded, overwritten, underwritten, drivel, superfluous, one-sided, flip-flopped, rushed, short, long, vulgar, boring, repetitive, or any other of the things that can go horribly wrong with a page.

Eye shine

The Message

Here is what I really want to say. If you have an idea for a superpower, stop. First you should wait, then wait some more, then edit a page, then vote on the newest poll, then rewrite an article, then add some new info, then liven a page with a picture, then ask me or Bobnewbie if that page already exists. Likely its somewhere you would not think to put it. There are one or two really good articles that come in from new users and we love them, but I spend a lot of time deleting the other fifty.


Help Me!

Edit what we have first. Go to the Stubs Page and help one of those articles out. Likely that will lead you to another page, and then another and then another all which will need editing. These should be the priority of every editor on this wiki. Please help me out guys I am swimming in loads of brand new need lots of help and cant dig my way out pile of worthless pages. Edit them, mark short pages as stubs and edit those too. when your done leave a message on my talk page and I can give you an idea for a Page that needs to be written.

A Note

As a bit of post script: I know I am a little whiny in these blogs, and I apologize for that. I just want this to be the best wiki on all of wikia. I want all the other wiki's to send their pages back to us including tardispedia and the oz wiki, and the marvel wiki and the dc wiki. The only way we are gonna get their attention is to start making some really amazing pages.