• CaptHayfever

    ...which explains why this article (written in summer '08) has such limited scope. The author probably only knew those 4 characters (Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, & the Hulk, for those who don't want to bother reading it), and thus could only make up 4 personality stereotypes.
    I don't have that limitation, so here's a bunch more stereotypes! Yay!

    Who he worships: The Fantastic Four. What it reveals: Amongst other things, it reveals a lack of interest in deep characterization (so he probably loves Superman, too). Seriously, it depends on which of the Four he's most interested in. If it's Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards, he's in the Spidey boat: Responsible, awkward, & intelligent. If it's the Human Torch, Johnny Storm, he's brash, loud, & impulsiv…

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