Name: Minato Itsuka

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Aliases: Galactic assassin, Zetro

Gender: Male

Birthday: May 15th

Age: 22

Hobbies: Killing wrong doers,Training


"Don't cross my bad side, Trust you'll be mentaly snapped and physically broken."


"When you ask a question you give an answer when the answer is given there is no longer an answer nor a question just void."

"If you believe in peace you haven't met some of the people I deal with."

Species: Human

Likes: Fighting, Being near death, facing opponets stronger than him

Dislikes: weak opponents, resting, being weak, idiots

Values: Power, Strength, Superior Mentality


Strength - 87/100

Endurance - 85/100

Agility - 87/100

Mana/Energy - 95/100 Nigh-Unlimited Supply

Skill - 100/100


Nonexistent Realm Creation Minato is able to create realms of nonexistence banish people to them he has full control over the realms and anything that goes on inside of each realm. If he doesn't like someone he's banished he will kill them by clicking his fingers, this is were he keeps all the criminals he captured and didn't kill they were all banished to this realm.

Dimensional Manipulation

Spatial Mimicry Minato is able to occupy space for up to 20 minutes becoming intangible but can still hurt others he does this by sending part of him to a Nonexistent Realm while he leaves his particles in 3D meaning he cant be hurt but can hurt and inflict or kill.

Portal Creation His main way of travelling around the galaxy almost instantly. He can also send people through the portals and if he feels he can send people to a Nonexistent Realm.

Weapon Manipulation Minato is able to create, destroy, reshape and repower weapons, he usually makes amazingly strong weapons that can create big bangs and supernova's while holding back but even though he can do that he usually sticks to his normal weapons.


Supernatural Condition Master Level