Earth-One (Non Powered Earth)

Paul-Chadeisson artwork 1

Main Earth

This is Earth One a futurisitic modern timeline Earth, with the suggestion they didn't stay behind like us (Justin Bieber, Donald Trump for president etc). Yet even though they live in an evolved society of sorts, but things go on underground (not literally) that ordinary people either know about or they don't main examples of this would beTrio as he is almost unknown to most of the public, as he working in secret ops unit and supernatural dependencies unit as he fights robots,supernatural and Government there are many reasons the normal population don't know about the so called Supernatural Operatives Government Society which follow some major Arcs about Trio as he is the my only written character (so far) without powers, and is the only person in this moderately normal Earth.

The Main Arcs I haven't written that will take place on this Earth are:

Breach - A robot take over in the underground forcing a reboot for Goverment as new corupt supernatural government is introduced.

New scene - A Supernatural Rebelion has started The government's Supernatural Bio-Paramilitary forces are dispanded before going rogue and trying to commit genocide on humans so bio-soldiers could Soldierize a new generation.

The Index - The Alpha Project is started which are huge mechs with black-ops trained soldiers piloting them which killed Trio'sbrother. Eventually the Government implanted and AI to self-pilot these robots as it was a better thinker then the soldiers but ended up going rouge.

Wars real name - The AI from the Alpha Project was "let loose" be it the way it was programmed but it was rouge acting as as 'server' of justice literaly as he looked from well any AI operated device into what has happened and scanned it to his "mainframe" before building a physical version of his AI intelligence to corupt an already busy Government into deflating standards of the public.The puplic slowly began to fade out of the governnments control before learning that the person who took away the public was no robot but Trio. As Trio had succesfuly hacked the nigh-unbreakable mainframe of the AI and is now a partner with actuall AI who's name is The watcher. With Trio having a  database that shows him everything not even the government can hack into allowed him to keep ahead with the supernatural outbreaks corupt Gorvenment's and research what usualy can't be researched.

Discovering a battlefield  - The government had targeted Trio as one of the most wanted Ex-Soldier and highest class not-criminal on the Earth (this Earth to be exact) and is about to break out an entire government war against one man although Trio knows and as he is superior to the government in near every way possible he knows that staying of the grid wont help him and chooses to provoke war taking out many operatives and a like before jumping head on into war.