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    January 19, 2016 by CSH(comicchat)


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    Name: Terrence Gredham

    Aliases: The Old Ghost. Mr.Ghost

    Age: 5005

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Birthday: May 9th

    Gender: Male

    Bloodtype: None

    Life Times: 2

    Place of Birth: Aeka - The New England Count /Graphen City (Earth 000)

    Base of Operations: Supernatural Threat Eradicators HQ

    Occupation: Supernatural Threat Eradicator

    Species: Ghost

    Family: Deceased

    Pets: none

    Friends: The STE


    "All is fair in love and war, although no one said it was correct."


    "Oh bloody hell get over it or I'll tie you up, I'm never mad nor will I ever be insane as I say this to you I mean it in the nicest way possible."

    "My Dad once told me

    Everything comes with a consequence if you defy that consequence you'll be shamed unless you choose to stand up up and use the pain you gain from the de…

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    Name: P'lenecas Riomerota

    Alias: Grom

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Birthday: June 20th

    Bloodtype: B

    Place of Birth: P'le/Graphen City (Earth 000)

    Base of Operations: Supernatural Threat Eradicators HQ

    Occupation: Supernatural Threat Eradicators

    Species: Goblin

    Family: All Deseaced

    Pets: Cat - Maxwell


    Someone once told me, If you don't take a chance you don't take a meaning, a definition to define you, except the exception is you choose the meaning, Conceptually of course.


    "We all take time, those precious moments that just slip away in an instant with no warning, no sign they just... vanish."

    "We all forget except Nick, you get even close to teasing him you're getting beat into a bloody pulp until you're ready to apologise or die."

    "If there's a storm ther…

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  • CSH(comicchat)

    Name: Skan Koriga

    Aliases: Skeleton of The West

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Birthday: January 18th

    Bloodtype: A-

    Inspirations: Skulduggery

    Gender: Male

    Age: 1070

    Species: Skeleton

    Place of Birth: Aeka/ Graphen city (Earth 000)

    Base Of Operations: Western Graphen Cemetery


    "Everyone lives, Everyone dies, whats new?"

    Occupation: Supernatural Threats Eradicators - Leader


    "Well Your about to die but don't worry you would have died anyway."

    "My time was up like a thousand years ago, but here I am !"

    Likes: His Job, his gun,his horse

    Dislikes: Threats, Music, movies

    Hobbies: Killing Supernatural Threats, Shooting his gun

    Values: his gun


    Strength - 30/100 Supernatural Strength

    Endurance - 30/100 Supernatural Endurance

    Agility - 30/100 Supernatural Agility

    Mana - 30/100 …

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    Name: Nick Osolov

    Aliases: Pain, Living Hell

    Alignment: Lawful Chaotic Neutral

    Birthday: February 7th

    Bloodtype: B-

    Inspiration: John Constantine

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Species: Human/Mage

    Place of Birth: Aeka/ Graphen city (Earth 000)

    Base of Operations: Graphen Underground Federations Base.


    "Some people called me a walking torture chamber,others called me the good guy."

    Occupation: Gets Rid of Supernatural Agren Goverment Threats, Main job is helping the SPATF and the Supernatural Threat Eradicators (STE).


    "One may think they know me, but you know to hell they dont."

    "You got a Ciggi?"

    Likes: Cigarettes, Fighting, Sightseeing, Sports

    Dislikes: Alcohol, Drugs, Crime Lords, Not having a ciggi

    Hobbies: Smoking, Doing his job, Research, Watching Sports

    Values: H…

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