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What is your Ideal Battlefield?

CNBA3 May 12, 2015 User blog:CNBA3

Ok, so for this blog is to get people's opinions as to what what would be their most preferable battlefield will be. It can be based on different things like it is Strategic, Geographic, or just plain Epic! You can add special features such as traps, random events, or circumstantial.

My Ideal Battlefield

It will be on a giant meteor the size of France heading straight for Earth about to cause mass extinction. I will fight my opponent on a jagged, rocky area with low gravity where if you jump too high, you will end up flying away in space. As time pass the meteor will break apart slowly and finally impact the battle ends with no one winning. The minerals inside the meteor are strong enough to not break up on atmospheric entry and for the battle to not destroy it.

Now, your turn. Have Fun!

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