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CNBA3 July 31, 2013 User blog:CNBA3

I am just letting you guys know I will be out of town for a few weeks and I will be very limited in using this site in the mean time.

Before I go I will add these new Embodiment Pages:

Avidya Embodiment: Embodiment of one's ignorance towards one's existence. Possible User: Legion (Mass Effect)

Squall Embodiment: Embodiment of disturbance or commotion. Possible User: Michael J. Caboose (Red vs Blue)

Palingenesis Embodiment: Embodiment of rebirth and regeneration. Possible User: Schrodinger (Hellsing)

Calamity Embodiment: Embodiment of misfortune on a devastating level. Possible User: Zodd (Berserk)

Vermillion Embodiment: Embodiment of the brilliant scarlet red.

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