As the Title says, this blog's purpose is getting people's ideas of infinity Gems on the Internet. Here is the link to the Cameo ones. What you your Infinity Gems facet be and what are their powers?

My Ideas

  • Matter Gem - The gem can create, destroy, and change matter based on the wielder's will. The wielder can transform matter into one of it's four states or to different types of matter such as dark matter, antimatter, etc.
  • Samsara Gem - The gem can control the very fabric of life, death and rebirth. The user can even resurrected the dead (not to be confused with necromancy). The user can even give life to things that cannot have life. The user can even cause death to any living being.
  • Balance Gem - The gem can control balance on a metaphysical level, which cause anything to outweigh the other or have perfect balance ex. A scale.