Here is where you can create your own group of superpowered followers and you are the leader of the group. there you can create your followers and their own powers, you can even put yourself in and put your own list of powers for yourself.


  1. Make a name for your group (Ex. Justice League, the Avengers, 13 Court Guard Squads, Fairy Tail)
  2. Give your alignment (Ex. Good, Evil, Heroes, Villains)
  3. The number of group members must 5 or greater.
  4. Each member can only have 3-5 powers. (can't be over powered)
  5. For yourself as leader, you can have 6-8 powers. (They can be over powered if so choosed.)


  1. You can give names, gender, biography, or superhero aliases.
  2. You can give the goals of your group.
  3. How your group is organized (Ex. the Ten Espadas, the Seven Kin of Purgatory, S-Class Mages, Captains of the 13 court guard squad)

My Group: Infernal Scourge

Alingment: Evil

  1. Leader: CNBA3

Codename: Oberherr (German for Overlord)


  1. Dark Arts
  2. Darkness Manipulation
  3. Death-Force Manipulation
  4. Demon Sorcerer Physiology
  5. Evolution
  6. Formulated Magic Blasts
  7. Semi-Immortality
  8. Telekinesis



Second in Command: Wraith Master (Male)

(the Ten Evils)

  1. Destroyer (Male)
  2. Princess Witch (Female)
  3. The Master (Male)
  4. The Insanity (Male)
  5. Abyssal (Male)
  6. Morality Turner (Male)
  7. Water Girl (Female)
  8. Bad Joke (Male)
  9. Crazy Mecha (Male)
  10. Pestilence (Male)

Goals: We are to bring forth the Anti Christ into this world so that we shall utter in a new Eden of death and darkness, all will bow before him.