" I am not a de​mon or psycho. I am Hotaru Io. I am someone who can do virtually anything to anyone and everyone, and I will never let myself lose to you." — Hotaru to a bully.

Hotaru Io



Lawful evil





Birth Day

25th August 2002

Blood Type


Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark blue


153cm (5'0")


32kg (70lb)

Personal Data



Hikari Io (Twin Sister)

Kasai Io (Sister)

Mizu Io (Sister)

Chikyu Io (Sister)

Base of Operation

Her home



Hotaru is a lonely and angry girl who does not speak as much as her peers at school and is almost always apathetic. She has many great powers, most of which are telepathic. She is also feared by nearly everyone at school. So much that they let her at the front of every line everyday.


As mentioned above, Hotaru has many great powers. While most are telepathic/telekinetic powers, she has a few other powers that are not telepathic.


  • Telepathic Speaking: Hotaru has the power to telepathically speak to anything and everything, though very few ever reply. This is normally used to send warnings or death threats and is her main way of speaking.
  • Mind Reading: Hotaru has the power to read the minds of anything and everything. She mainly uses this to steal private information and secrets about other people.
  • Mind Control: Hotaru has the power to control the minds of anything and everything. She uses this as a way to punish enemies.
  • Omnilingualism: Hotaru has the power to understand, write and speak in any language, fictional or non-fictional as well as sign language, lip-reading, body language, computer code, backwards speech and illegible (fake) words. 
  • Thought Manifestation: Hotaru has the power to visually project any of her thoughts and memories.
  • Darkside View: Hotaru has the power to communicate with and bring out the evil in anyone and everyone's soul.
  • Telekinetic Flight: Hotaru has the power to use telekinesis to fly. She must, however, focus.
  • Metapathy: Hotaru has the power to read, sense, communciate with and control a infinite number of minds across all universes, planes and dimesions to a perfect degree.


  • Fire Immunity: Hotaru is completely immune to the effects of fire, thus, making Kasai's fire attacks completely useless against Hotaru.
  • Omni-Communication: Hotaru can communicate with anything and everything. This power, when used right, can be so strong that she can even potentially stop asteroids from hitting Earth.