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    "Don't listen to them, Hotaru. Be who you want to be, not what they want you to be." - Hikari to Hotaru.

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    Character Sheet: Hotaru Io

    February 28, 2016 by Boombox135

    " I am not a de​mon or psycho. I am Hotaru Io. I am someone who can do virtually anything to anyone and everyone, and I will never let myself lose to you." — Hotaru to a bully.


    Hotaru is a lonely and angry girl who does not speak as much as her peers at school and is almost always apathetic. She has many great powers, most of which are telepathic. She is also feared by nearly everyone at school. So much that they let her at the front of every line everyday.

    As mentioned above, Hotaru has many great powers. While most are telepathic/telekinetic powers, she has a few other powers that are not telepathic.

    • Telepathi…

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