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Blackond January 25, 2015 User blog:Blackond


Name: Rasputin 'the Gargantuan'

Titles: The Death-bringer To All Life, The Gargantuan

Race: Demonic Titan

Powers: Omni-Magic, Ultimate Invincibility, Flight, Size Manipulation, Muscle Manipulation

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Size:555 Meters long (From horn point to longest tentacle), 277 Meters wide (Shoulder to shoulder)

Voice: (Amon)

Quote:"Whatever you can do, then do it, in the end you will fail"

Likes: Destruction, devouring Moons, and fighting powerful beings

Dislikes: Angelic beings, Humans, non-demonic beings, and life

Origin: The lord of Hell was banished in his own plane for a thousand years by the Almighty One, now the Almighty One is in a deep sleep and conveniently the time is up. Leaving the demonic plane to wage a war upon Man-Kind and The Angelic Ones.

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