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Blackond January 25, 2015 User blog:Blackond

Mite b cool by shwigityshwonshwei-d41fhpk
Name: 'Saint' Decus

Powers: Justice Embodiment, Order Manipulation, Angelic Wing Manifestation, Holy Fire Manipulation (Blue), Ckaircognizance, Superstrength (1 ton), Ultimate Senses, Evil Sense,

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quote: "Every moment, every motion darkness thrives but as there is evil there is good, justice demands  lex talionis!"

Likes: All that are pure

Dislikes: Those who are evil

Base of Operations: Heaven

Race: Angel/Eternal

Gender: Male, none/unkown

Height: 6'1

Inspiration: Diablo 3

Voice: (Reference Mal'Ganis) 

Orgin:  One of many spirtual entities in the universe created by the absolute one, his role to balance out evil, making good on the higher scale. He does minor things to help out mortals, though if a cosmic entity broke balance, then he will destroy that entity as he has broken sacred law. Decus and all cosmic entities are not bound by the balance of the universe but someone, something has to when there are no bindings

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