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Blackond January 25, 2015 User blog:Blackond

Lord max metallicus by shwigityshwonshwei-d60cw61
Name: Lord MetalliK

Powers: Supernatural Regeneration,Sonic scream, Ultimate Fire manipulation, Music Embodiment, Penance stare, Demon Wing Manifestation, Torso Expansion.

Abillities: Enhanced Combat, Bloodlust, Enhanced Hearing

Alignment: Chaotic Rebel

Quote: "In the beginning there was rock, in the end there will be rock"

Race: Manifestation of Heavy Metal 

Weapon: Wrathful Chainsaw

Likes: Heavy Metal

Dislikes: Poetry lovers

Short Origin: Long ago he was a Member of the musical entities, in order to get a request past you must vote among the members. Every vote he tried in passing no one would agree, in wrath he fought them all and defeated them. All injured they turned themselves into runes turning MetalliK into stone forever..Until someone awoken him.

Sound golem family complete by shwigityshwonshwei-d41jc1q

Beat boxing Entity

Beat-boxing Golem, one of the many members of the council.

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