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    Lustful Rogue

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    Occam's Razor

    May 27, 2016 by Black Paisley

    Name: Dente "Shujin" Yuki

    Age:18 (Born September 10th, 1997)

    Occupation: Scientist/Bio-Weapon

    Blood Type: O-

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Brown(by default but changes depending on his mood)

    Background/Story: Dente was born into military custody as a classified science experiment under the codename "Anti" as he was specifically made to generate antibodies at a faster rate than the average human. At the age of 6, he was capable of mastering various MMA techniques as well as multiple firearm maneuvers within just a month without a mentor and managed to defuse a bomb without the proper training. Seeing that such a feat is impossible, Dente had garnered the attention of several foreign nations. As he grew, so did his abilties. A research analysis sho…

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